Monday, October 04, 2010

World of Sexy Elves

Picked up Warcraft again this weekend since the great Cataclysm is coming and I have a few things to do before they become impossible.. like getting exalted with the Zandalar trolls. Soloing old world content is awesome.

Josie is not a donkey poker player she is awesome.

Sometimes you make bad bets and lose. 'Nuff said.

Weekend was same ole with a little fun. I sometimes think I am too nice. JMan and I had plans for Saturday. The bitch takes him out and takes up too much time so we never get to go. So we reschedule for Sunday. I tell her this. She says that she wants to go out to lunch with the kids. So being the nice guy I am I say "alright, why don't you have lunch with the kids and I will take him afterwards".. Five O'Clock rolls around and guess what she is out with the kids and her boyfriend and totally fucked up my plans for the day. Fucking cunt. She finally gets home after I yell at her and slam the phone down on her. We then all end up going to the place I wanted to go together at like 6:00 at night. On the bad side this caused us only to be able to stay for like one ride.

On the good side the kid's and I got to ride Go Carts for the first time ever. It was fricking awesome! I was a little afraid my son would not be able to drive or not be allowed to because of height restrictions. He was psyched that he was tall enough to drive himself. We got there in time for the last ride. It was the jerk and my daughter in one car with the jerk driving. JMan and I had our own cars. There were like 3 other people on the track. JMan was driving fast and doing great. Dad was not to be defeated though. I ended up lapping him once by doing some extreme driving. Alright it was pretty easy. Basically once I did my first lap I decided I could do the laps with the pedal pressed full. All I needed to do was slam the steering wheel all the way to one side and I could tail spin around the corners at blazing speed. Besides being fucking fun it was effective. I passed the little man once. He was amazed I caught up to him and asked me for lessons. The idiot and my little girl were going like two miles per hour because she was a little scared at first.

We are going to try this again in a couple weeks probably. It was a serious blast even if the bitch fucked up the plans. I am not sure who enjoyed the ride more my son or I.

The end of the ride was funny. This kid comes out and walks across the track with a wooden block to indicate people should stop and pull in. Well my son nearly KILLS the guy. He was so pissed. My son looks at him and says "You never told me this thing had a break!". Peace.


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"Josie is not a donkey poker player she is awesome."

What was the font side of the above line....4? heh.

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