Thursday, January 20, 2011

Questions for a Stud

I was mostly thinking of the Bammer when I read this but feel free to comment. I like to keep up on a lot of blogs and I was reading this one. He points to a nice little program called Stud Indicator. I have always been fairly anti-technology on poker sites. I mean if your human mind can not do it or you are too lazy to track it yourself then you should not be given the advantage of knowledge.

Before I start my pseudo-rant I need to mention that this program is officially sanctioned by Full Tilt and Pokerstars according to the literature I have read. I did not know how to verify this with the sites or possibly I was too lazy to do so.

I think this program even goes further than ones that track peoples stats. I mean look at the features. Let's start by stating a few of the skills that make Stud players good at the game. One major one is knowing what cards were laid down by your opponents. If you can not track this then you can not figure out how strong your hand is. Another skill might be calculating the percentage chance your hand has to win or figuring out of it is a good hand both ways. Normally you only want to play strong two way hands for the scoop in Stud8.

If you look at the screens related to this product you will find it does all these things for you. Besides the normal statistics like showdowns and things of that sort it tells you what cards were folded dead. It then calculates for you the percentage strength of your hand for the hi and low. It also tells you what the pot equity is. So basically a bunch of the skills needed to succeed in Stud games are handed to you on a silver platter. You are basically a human bot following the directions of the program.

I will agree with anyone that there are other skills necessary to win at Stud. Patience. Bankroll management. Knowing when to bluff. Not chasing. All of these things factor in. However the information you get from this program dulls the skill edge you need to be successful. I would even go as far as saying that if you just followed the screens in a low level stud game and knew nothing about the game itself you could be a winning player.

So what do you think? Is this cheating? Do you think all HUDS are cheating? Does this go beyond a simple HUD. I personally think all HUDS are cheating and enable people to do things that would not be possible for most people without them. I also think this program is cheating and goes even a little further beyond. I really do not get why poker sites allow these programs. Ok. Well. I do. It is purely for the greed. Especially with HUD type programs. You get more tables open. Which generates more rake. Any site not allowing a HUD would lose a lot of players. What are your opinions?


Blogger Buffalo66 said...

Stud is the game I play the most and I use it. It is allowed on Stars and Tilt.

I think it would be difficult to play multiple tables w/o it. Keeping track of dead cards is so important to the game.

I never really used the HUD interface with it, but I liked the fact it keeps a history on your opponents, so you know who the regs are that win or donate.

8:33 AM

Blogger Shrike said...

I checked into this recently as well. It is allowed under the terms and conditions of the major sites. I don't regularly multi-table stud games but this program is a must if you want to do so. As previous commenter states, it would be nearly impossible to keep track of all the dead cards without it.

Since information about dead cards is already available (eg. on Stars you can retrieve the information the program displays for you by pulling up the chat box) I have no qualms about using this program. All it is doing is assembling and presenting information you already have access to in a more convenient fashion.


10:22 AM

Blogger KenP said...

I have almost the equivalent with two programs -- Poker Tracker and Stud Insepector.

Poker Tracker is the original version and not updated. It was written using enterprise software -- Power Builder. That kinda sucks and the result is a bit buggy and clunky.

Stud Inspector works only at default sizing and doesn't do multi-tabling.

The software video looks decent. The only annoyance I find is that it has an annual license which I always try to avoid.

I occasionally use the tracker info but other than precise VP$IP info I get almost as much value with seat-of-the-pants observation. If you are anal, you'll see more value.

I'll occasional look at the odds and dead cards in Stud Inspector but that's fairly rare other than curiosity.

11:17 AM

Blogger BamBam said...

It's cheating, if you take into account the spirit of the game. It's perfectly acceptable of course, for those making $ off the product and putting it in play.
For Joe Schmuck trying to make a bankroll, the programs offer basic 'bot' decision making steps to take. But the best part is, and I DO NOT USE ANY FORM OF PROGRAM OR HUD in ANY form of Poker I play online, you have to remember that the cards can't think.

Fuck it!
I need to put together a post, this could get long. Thanks for the material.

11:30 AM


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