Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Booze Boy

SmBoatDrinks beat BrainMc in an EPiC shove fest to survive elimination on Donkey Island hosted on Full Tilt Poker. How is that for some link love? Did I mention I love Donkey Island? It has been fun to watch.

I have some predictions about the end game but I am not going to share them because it might influence then game.

Once SmBoat beat BrainMc I was told that he wanted me to play in his weekly tourney. Normally I do not play many blogger tourneys lately but since he won the elimination match I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

The Booze Cruise
Tuesday Night at 9:10pm
Password is boatdrinks

I asked that daffy oompah loompah what the game was and she was like "oh my god.. I dunno.. like. it's like.. I dunno.. like some grody limit thingy with like um like some bag guy game or something.. oh my god.. like like I dunno". So I am not sure what games are going to be laid out but it appears to be limit mixed games. Hey I am surprised she can even spell Poker.

Running went well last night. We had a minor snow storm here. So I ran with ice falling off the trees onto me. In shorts. Short sleeves. In the pouring rain. I also forgot to take my glasses off so they were all soaked in rain and fogged up. I forgot my watch too so I had to guesstimate the times. Actually I picked a point where I knew I did a 1:30 and just ran that evenly for the night.

It is interesting getting back into this. My breathing and heart rate are perfectly steady and not taxed much. It is my muscle fatigue that gets me. I am glad I started up at the beginning instead of trying to jump ahead. I need my leg muscles to catch up to where I feel I can jog. I am also feeling a lot more exhausted this time around. Just in general. Not having a lot of energy. Need to work on that.


Blogger Josie said...

Obv you are crazy about me, but Boat top's my list now. :P

6:22 AM


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