Friday, May 13, 2011

Goddamn Bitch

The boy had a REALLY fun night. He went 2-0. The first one was a dribbler down the third base line. He was able to hustle it out to a base hit and then he stole two bases. Unfortunately his suck team was not able to get him home.

The second one was the awesome hit though. His nailed this pitch from one of the best pitchers in his league. This kid is a SEVENTH GRADER my son told me. ooh. ahh. Anyway the pitch went to solid middle-outfield. The center fielder could not catch up to it and it then rolled all the way to the fence. BOOM!

The kid told me afterwards "I could have made third base but I stood around at the plate watching my awesome hit!". Um, yeah, we will work on that.

I was really excited as this is the furthest he has hit ever. He was kind of excited too. The batting lessons seem to be really paying off.

So since "she who should not be named" hates all joy in life she told me this morning that JMan can not take any more batting lessons. Too many things are coming up that she has not prepared for so he is not allowed to spend money on lessons. um... yeahhh.... the more I think about it the more I am going to just say "fuck you". I know lessons are expensive but it makes him so happy. Peace.


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