Friday, May 06, 2011


Resharper. Our powers that be have forced this upon us. I actually kind of like it. I treat it like a video game. Basically what the product does is go through your code and nit-pick things. "Hey that is not necessary" or "You could do it this way instead". Most of the things are small like using the right capitalization in your code to keep consistency and things like that. It shows you a sidebar (skinny) that has all these colored lines where it says you have made mistakes.

I treat these like a video game. Sort of like achievements in Warcraft. I love achievement dings. :P. So basically I go through and see how many lines I can get rid of. *pew* *pew* gone. Most of the lines exist in other peoples code. Also there are some things I disagree with... like some of the redundant things like declaring a double and assigning it a value of 0. Obviously it starts with a value of zero so this is redundant.. but I sort of like the obviousness of it.

It also wants to turn a ton of fornext loops into Linq. I get the point but I do not think ANYONE would be able to follow my code then. Linq is a little bit tough to follow at times...

Anyway between fixing my co-workers unwillingness to check dictionaries to see if values exist and fucking with R# I have a lot to do. Peace.


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