Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome New Reader

Figured I would just put this out here since I do not think I have talked about it much. This was from a new users question about what the situation is. Currently we are married, and live together. I live downstairs in our split-level in a downstairs entertainment room. I sleep on the giant sized couch down there. It is more like a sofa bed. I could sleep in the back room in an actual bed but it is next to the boiler and I think it smells like oil or smoke. Plus I usually fall asleep watching TV which I should probably stop.

We have two kids and live in the top 5% of richest people town. We do not fit in that demographic exactly but we did what your supposed to do and bought the cheapest available house that was in good shape in the most expensive town you can afford. It is pretty in town as it is very wooded and building permits now only allow 2 acres per house, it was 1 acre for a while. So houses spaced out. No major stores in town. No lights at night. Small town. Low Taxes. All the richest people in the state like it because it is easy to commute to Boston and yet it feels like your in east buttfuck PA where Wolfie lives. :).

We have an agreement already to see other people. I have seen a few people for short times and some sex and she has dated another married guy for a while but no way he is getting roped in. It is too bad since it would solve a lot of issues.

My major hangup is that she can not afford the town without my salary as she makes like 1/4 what I do and I can not afford two decent places on my salary alone. So once we split the kids will most probably have to move. I am dead set against this because I had to move when I was in 6th grade and I am still scarred from it. I would so hate to do that especially to my son who is fairly popular but has issues with ADHD that cause him to be hyper. I think he might have trouble making new friends especially at this age where it is naturally hard to move into a new area. All of this could be me projecting my situation onto this situation and be invalid but I am not sure.

One option I never wanted to consider before was just taking full custody of the kids. It may not be possible because of the laws and the court bias but I could handle all the house bills without her salary.. and she could probably not even pay child support if she did not want to.. and obviously I would give her full visitation rights... She obviously would never go for this but I am considering it. I think it would get nasty though.

So... sorta complex situation going on... Lately she is just like fuck the kids, lets get the divorce filed.. Actually I do not think she is like that. She wants to get the paperwork in.. then she can apply for some low income housing that was forced into town. It would be about half the mortgage we pay now so it could work out.... Seems like stealing from poor people to me though.

That is the situation as it stands. Welcome to my new readers. Peace.


Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Well, good luck however it works out.

2:10 PM

Blogger jake said...

One thing I have always wondered: does she read your blog? Does she know it exists? If yes, do you use it to piss her off?

3:23 PM

Blogger grrouchie said...

yeah, it's an awful situation though I do applaud you for trying to turn your life around and get your shit in order even in the face of all this adversity and negative environment that you are living in.

Hopefully things work out for the best and rather quickly because honestly it sucks for the kids to be living in that situation no matter how much the adults think they mask it.

6:49 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I don't think she knows about the blog... Pretty sure she does not.. but she might..

I write my blog to get shit out. Can not keep it inside and let it eat you up.

7:06 PM

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Blogger APOSEC72 said...

I understand what ya mean - though I don't post it on a blog anymore specifically because it will get read.

Of course, I then drown it all in booze, so I can't say that's the best solution to things either.

8:00 PM


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