Monday, March 19, 2012

Super ADHD Post

I am wicked hypahhh today. So here are a few thoughts.

My old salad was awesome. Capricci with bacon and vinaigrette mm good. Josie says it was a heart attack salad but the bacon was sparse and all the veggies were good. So now I am trying to find one I like with a decent dressing. First up was the Quinoa. I did not know what a Quinoa was but the rest of the stuff was salad, peppers, carrots, oranges, and a red wine and oil dressing. Figured it might be somewhat healthy. It tastes bad though. I am not into it. I need a vinaigrette!

I actually, finally, after all these years, actually liked a Lightning post. I may have liked one before but I can not remember. He talks about cutting corners to save some money. He says it hurts the economy but nobody says you can not use your savings to buy a big TV or some hookers and blow!

His ideas do not really work for me. Coupons seem labor intensive and not very saving. If someone has some better ideas let me know. I was tempted to buy the globe but at 3.50 am I going to save even 3.50 with coupons? Doubt it.

The rest just did not really apply for me. I am going to go through things and see if I can come up with some better ideas. The comment section had some good ideas too.

Shelly mentioned cable and I think that is a huge one. I am going to save like a hundred or two a month and not lose anything I really watch. Food has to be a good one too.. but I hate bringing to work and carrying a bag home or throwing out paper. It just all sucks. Need to think about this since I spend around 45-50 a week on lunches. Cranky had some good ideas with her outside the box type of thinking. Who would think to negotiate on your bill. Nice job! Lots to think about.

You ever hear that nice song.. you know.. "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, longer.." .. I think that is the chorus. I can never sing it without going "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, longer, suck my donger".. Yeah, I am perverted.

AMP as many already know and Bayne spelled out in black ink is Asian Massage Parlor. I have never been to one myself. Not even sure how you find one. I do read a blog called "Happy Endings: Confessions of an Erotic Masseuse". No idea if it is true but it is fun to read.

The whole hooker week thing to me was kind of funny. I have often thought that it might be cool to use a good one. It is a pretty up front, honest, transaction. Instead of "here have dinner ($$), and a movie ($$), and then maybe sex", you take the bucks and get the sex up front. My whole issue with the thing though is I feel that ALL of those women are damaged. I mean there probably are a few exceptions but if you ask most of them you would get a sob story and I do not feel like I should heap it on. I feel bad abusing them and taking advantage. Of course they want me to so maybe I should. This argument will go on forever.

Tonight I shall cook Haddock! With a little lemon and chives. Healthy dinner I think. We shall see.

My dick is annoying. It is like the dog in UP. "heyeheyimupcanwefuckthatblondechickonthetraincmon".. I mean every fucking 15 minutes it finds something else to catch it's attention and scchhwiiiing. I mean it is better than being some limp dicked old man but fuuucckkk!

So end the ADHD fueled thoughts I have had in the last 5 minutes. It's nice to be me. Peace.



Blogger KenP said...

Pick up some balsamic,wine and/or malt vinegars to your taste
use olive oil (virgin if you like the taste but not necessary as there is another flavor working)
Toasted Sesame oil (not a lot but to taste -- very strong go lighter at first) (Secret ingredient)
salt, pepper

Make some croutons. Oil blender mix with garlic. put bread chunks on cookie sheet with layer of oil. add bread and mix. 350 oven to brown. bag extra in zip lock.

Both are better the next day. Both add a lot of flavor and if you don't go overboard the croutons give texture/crunch.

Optional for vinegrettes are a host off the basic wine/oil. Mustard, anchovies(if you are grimicing you might be surprised), fruits, pureed caramelized onions, pepper flakes, honey, papaya, and juices. Those you like make nice marinades on chicken breast etc.

9:58 AM

Blogger Josie said...

Mmmmm Ken knows what he's talking bout!

btw only you can start a post with salad and end with a hard on. ONLY YOU.

10:21 AM

Blogger KenP said...

Josie will have what you're having.

And, it is about time she figured out I always know...

10:30 AM

Blogger Carmel said...

Quinoa is amazing. It's one of the few grains with fiber and protein. It's a weird texture but once you're used to its better. I eat that instead of rice. It's versitle. I tried to get Grrouchie eating healthier a couple years back. I would do things like put Quinoa in the meatballs instead of bread. Or sneak it into the spaghetti sauce. He's dumb and never knew. My Grandpa uses it to make stew with turkey meat and loads of veggies

12:09 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

mmmm sounds good. I did not mind the Quinoa. It was tasty. I just did not think the salad was very good. I would not mind trying it instead of rice either. I think I would like it at least as much as brown rice.

12:28 PM

Blogger grrouchie said...

Looks like I found a new blog to follow, thanks!

Oh, and go salads or something

5:33 PM

Blogger Rob said...

For lunch, get yourself an insulated lunch bag that will last for years. After you see how much money you save, you won't mind schlepping the bag to and from work so much.

grrouchie is right (hard to believe, I realize)...that is a very interesting blog. Next year for "Hooker Week" I'm just publishing a link to that!

6:09 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Forget what the others said -- go with the bacon, and lots of it. Breaded and fried works best, with maybe a little mayo sauce on the side. Don't forget to salt it -- heavily if needed.

btw -- running off an online coupon that gets you what I got for $20 is not labor-intensive and saved me a bundle.

10:10 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I understand and agree with your example.. but in general, for food specifically, I tried some sites and none of them were either - easy, profitable, or did not want to download executables to my local hard drive..

2:28 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

With food coupons -- you are correct. There are certain decisions you have to make, like buying extra of stuff you don't really want. I rarely use coupons unless the savings are worth it.

6:06 AM

Blogger sevencard2003 said...

where is the link to that blog "confessions of an erotic massuese?" i cannot find it.

7:40 AM

Blogger NewinNov said...

We use rabbit ears which gives us the local stations in HD. We use youtube and hulu for other programs. Plus ESPN via Xbox. Coupons are too labor intensive for me but reading the grocery flyers for items on sale are worthwhile. When purchasing a car think about the total operating lifetime cost (gas [mileage], repairs, etc), reason why I drive a Prius. Shop around for best cell phone plan but don't have internet as I really can work without it using my Itouch using free wireless around town. Craigslist is a great source for inexpensive stuff. Freecycle is also available but not as good. I got a brand new in the box Insanity exercise DVD package for less than half of the normal price using Craigslist. It is not what you make, it is what you keep. Reduce reoccuring costs.

7:33 PM


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