Saturday, March 17, 2012


I think it is time for the ole nose hair trimmer. I do not think I should admit this in public. While you can not knit a sweater out of my nose hair the few strands I have bother me sometimes.... soooo... probably time... Ears are still clear.

I went 22-10 for the 64-Round. Meaning I have 22 dogs left in the race out of a possible 32. Not bad for a rookie. Dr. Pauly blames me for #2 Missouri losing to #15 Norfolk State. I also heard rumors on ESPN this is the first time ever that two #2 seeds have fallen. I maintain I am not a cooler (a person who's every bet causes a loss to occur cooling off the hot streak of everyone else).

Wife and I had a fun fight last night. Least it was fun for me. No voices raised. The babysitter needed to know what we are doing for the 1/2 day the kids have for Good Friday or something like that. So I told her that I would watch them until she came. The wife is like "no, you will not". So I said "yes, I will, don't listen to her", then she is like "I have handled all the kids duties for the past 13 years so I am handling this", and I said "Well, I am involved now, and I am taking a half day, so the babysitter can come in late". We actually have not resolved this yet but I am happy to have stood up for what is the right thing. It is faaaarrrrr easier for me to work a 2-10 shift than for her to take work off or for the babysitter to change her schedule. It just makes common sense. Moron.

Started accomplishing or at least doing some more things this week which is good. Other than that everything is pretty calm. Peace.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Ha -- you are getting to be an old faucker now!

Watch the nose hairs, the ear hairs, and eyebrows. You might look a little less creepy.

7:35 AM


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