Tuesday, March 13, 2012

As I Come Back...

I feel bad about some things. I have a Grandma that lives in Las Vegas. She is a nice woman. (Do not ask about her other son who wanted me to go to a Cabaret kinda thing with gay dudes dressed in women's clothing when I was like 16 and visiting them. *creepy vibe*). She is a nice lady and every Birthday, Christmas, and other assorted holidays she sends our family a card.. and I promptly read it and send nothing back. I feel kind of bad about that. So I am going to send her a picture of the kids. Hopefully she does not share it with creepy Kenny. Peace.


Blogger grrouchie said...

I am now on the hunt for Kreepy Kenny.

I will track him down and introduce him to your blog!

8:00 AM

Blogger NewinNov said...

It's been a while since reading your blog but it appears that nothing has really changed. You love and support your kid, you make decent money and you still have your "interesting" relationship with your spouse. I'm glad you haven't lost your bluster and unfiltered observations; always makes for an interesting read.

3:32 PM

Blogger Heather said...

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7:05 AM


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