Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I May Be An Asshole

I think my Mom is useless. Maybe I was just pissed off this weekend. I think she is useless though.

She puts dishes in the dishwasher in half-hazzard way trying to break them all I think.

Then she puts in a dish tablet but never takes it out of the packageā€¦ so the dishes are all dirty and I somehow notice this after she has put a bunch away. UG! So I have to go and put them all back in and clean them the right way.

She takes my daughter on a bike ride to town, which sounds nice, except the roads in my town have these tenth of an inch sides for people to ride on and are probably death traps, so essentially she tries to murder my sweet daughter.

She takes stuff out to play with the kids but never puts it back.

She takes the trash out of the trash can and then leaves it hanging on a shelf until the wife gets home and yells at me for smelling up the house.

I swear eventually I had to tell her "STOP HELPING! YOU ARE KILLING ME!"

I can not even remember any other stupid stuff, believe me there was a ton more. Arg! Then she tells my wife that I was mean all weekend (maybe true).. I could not wait till she left! I had to take a day off of work to recover. 

I figured you all wanted an update on the mom post so here it is. Enjoy. Peace.



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