Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moronic Plays

"About six hours in, I finally hit the breakthrough hand. Oddly, it turned out to be against one of the few sober, generally solid opponents, not one of the drunk spewers. I raised to $10 with As-Ts, got two callers. Flop: Js-5s-5d. I bet $20. He min-raised me, which gave me decent odds to draw to the nut flush, reading him for the trips. Turn: Ks. Ding! I checked, he bet $50, I raised to $150, he pushed, I called. He had suited connectors, 4h-5h. I dodged all of his outs on the river and doubled up."

This hand is full of moronic plays. We have one guy drawing to the nut flush on a paired board. Lucky as shit he even had a fucking live card to draw to. Fucking stupidest play ever... and then we have the other moron who has a non-nut flush draw but trips. Now he could be drawing dead here. If not.. why min raise? If I am him.. I jam in with my trips and the redraw and if someone happens to have A5 I have outs.... you want to get it in there for the exact reason that you want moronic nut flush draws to HAVE to fold. Except I am not sure the first moron would have folded anyways.

Does nobody know how to play poker?


Blogger Josie said...

What, no link for Poker Grump? :)

12:36 PM

Blogger JT88Keys said...

I'm just gonna leave this one thought here. One of you makes their living playing poker. Which one was that again?

4:25 AM

Blogger MorningThunder said...

Are you saying the trips guy had a flush draw as well?

8:54 AM

Blogger Jordan said...

After your post about JT's comment, I figure its worth engaging in some real poker discussions, just for old time's sake.

I agree that the 45h played the hand pretty horribly, but I don't dislike the AT play. Sure, the flop is paired, but unless his opponent is facing JJ or 55, he does not need to be worried about a full house or worse. The turn King is not particularly scary because, once again, it is unlikely that his opponent has KK (otherwise, there would be more preflop action). So at this point, JJ is the only real scare card, and why would JJ re-raise on the flop instead of giving his opponent room to hang himself by hitting the flush. So, all in all, the AT player had no real reason to fear the full house.

On the other hand, the player with 45 was blinded by hitting trips, and perhaps thought he could represent the nut flush and draw out to a full house if he gets called. His raise on the flop was smart, IF he was trying to suss out whether his opponent had a better hand or not. Once he gets called (but not raised) he has to assume that his opponent his a pocket pair, top pair (AJ), or (most likely) a draw. Once the draw hits on the turn, he should have known that he was likely beat, but it looks like the guy was married to his trips.

2:16 PM


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