Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fishing and Poker

Busy weekend. I have been keeping the weekends full of activity instead of just sitting around so that's an improvement.

The fishing derby was today. I took the kids. My son started early and we were there for an hour and caught nothing. My daughter came and in 5 minutes had a 14 inch fish. I think she may have won again. Twice in two years. My son is 0 for 10 years. Some days I think my hacker daughter is the biggest recipient of my genes and sometimes it seems like my son.

I played poker at the home game again. This time we finished early at 1AM. I have been enjoying the games. I take them seriously but not too seriously. I enjoy the social aspects more. I think I am getting the hang of how to play in loose home games. I am becoming much better at both handling the beats and outplaying the Q2 playing opponents. I am being aggressive and gambling when I need to and disciplined and patient when I need to. I am gambling enough to not have too few chips. Some games I go too far in one direction by overall I am in it.

Last night I ended up like 40 bucks. These are all cheap 10$ games. Like I said nothing to take too seriously but fun enough. I had a few early bustouts and a few 1st, 2nd, 3rd places that paid. The best part is that it is just enjoyable. No tilt. No anger. Just playing the game.


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