Friday, April 22, 2016

Variance Hammer - WHAP!

I played good the other night but alas playing good is not enough. Twice in the night I flopped sets and got it all in on the flop only to have my nemesis turn the K to match up with his two other Kangs.. Seriously rough.

I held in there but was never able to bring it back. I donked off about 1/2 a buyin by three-barreling an AJh vs a guy with KQ TPTK.. after I raised pre-flop.. flopped the two hearts.. I am not really sad about this play.. although firing off the $25 on the river I think I could have just saved my money. Pro Tip: Old Guys Never Fold.

I ended up losing two buyins but I am too upset. I mean I kept it together. Left with my loss. Just mostly being a pro which is important. I was due for some variance as I have been running pretty true -- in other words -- my hands that I have made have mostly held up outside a few flush chasers. The sad part is I am now a losing poker player.. down a half a buyin over around 12 sessions.. Ah well.. It's good for me to get out of the hotel and have a little social time.

One adjustment I may do is leaving a little earlier.. I like leaving at 11:00.. but then I get back around midnight and it takes a bit to snuggle in.. so the next day is kind of tiring.. I think I will cut it back to 10PM.. So basically play 5ish-10PM each night... One hour is not going to make a difference.

One nice thing -- the next time I go is actually going to be Monday. They are running 9AM-9PM every 20 minutes --- $1,000 high hand jackpot! If I hit that then I will be doing pretty good... and all these losses can offset the taxes. Mwahahaha! Wish me luck bitches.


Blogger lightning36 said...

The real sucky thing about poker is that you can do everything right and still get screwed. I hope your luck changes.

8:20 PM


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