Thursday, June 16, 2016

Back In The Saddle Again

I settled down finally and played a good game. I decided to go to Mohegan to get a little bit of a change of scenery. I really like Mohegan too it is pretty kick ass. I even won an entry into some kind of Fishing Boat raffle.... and I have like $100 in comps for stuff I guess.. don't know how that works.. As far as the game it was good, it was bad, it was ugly, and I did get lucky at points. The first table I sat at was a lot of fun. Everyone chatted and had a good natured time. I worked my way up a bit from my initial $200 buy, then I hit a snag. I got into two hands with the same guy where my two pair was sucked out on by his two pair when I bet it hard all the way to the river. It really fucking hurts when that 3 outer hits twice in a row but I held my shit together. The next hand I misplayed slightly but it paid off for me. First guy bets, I call with AK, and a third guy gets into the hand after me. The third guy was an old dooshey horse race better. He had head phones on the whole time listening to his fucking horses race, and he got the baseball game turned to his stupid fucking horsey channel. The flop came AT3. Seems like a great flop to me. Horsey dooshey bets out $20, then the next guy jams all in for his remaining $68. I figure that TPTK is probably worth $68 in a 1/2 game at times. I feel like I go too weak with AK sometimes. Anyways I cold call his bet expecting horsey dooshey to fold. Except to my amazement he cold calls too. The next card is a total blank. Horsey dooshey checks and I jam all in for my remaining $170ish. I figure he is on some type of draw and I want to get paid if he wants to draw. I know $68 for a draw is a big amount but that was my read. Horsey dooshey thinks, grumbles, asks if I want a call.. I respond "Play your cards how you want to". Then he finally whips his cards into the much grumbling and whining. The cards turn over and I am trying to win a $180 pot.. I am again T3o. I really never expected to see that but I am not really sad to see it as I have a few aces, a few kings and even a few queens as outs... I thought I was going to lose.. but the poker gods decided they loved me tonight and spanked a K on the river. Phil Ivey lost the hand and ended up leaving a few hands later. Our table ended up being reduced to like four people.. then it went back to full.. and then back to four people, at which time we decided to break the table and went our separate ways. The only other good hand I had at that table is when I 3-bet bluffed a kid into folding when I had a straight flush draw. He believed my $15, $25, $35 line and decided to finally fold. I was surprised he was so strong and also that he folded... but he probably remembered the two pair hands he sucked out on me with and figured I had him beat. The next table had a bunch of young guns who knew each other and were having fun. I liked that table too. I had one decent hand when I called some guys 3-barrel bluff with a really low flush... I thought I might be good but was not totally sure. I made a huge mistake at this table in paying off someone. I also played the hand pretty poorly because I was not sure where I was at.. I had JJ and I bet and was re-raised a small amount... I think I raised to $11, and he rr to $17... and we ended up 3 to the flop.. The first guy bet out $10 on the 9Tx flop... and I called instead of raising or pushing.. The third guy called... then the turn was another 9... and it checked around.. I knew I should have bet out.. but I was kinda frozen on the third guy... this line to me was sub-optimal but not horrible so far.. The river completed a flush... two checks.. and the original raiser bets out $45..... I got stubborn.. thought it through for a while.. figured he might be making a play on me....... and called... I feel if I folded here it would have been a good solid play instead of calling. So my stack of $350+ got diminished to $300... I would never make it back. The final play of the night I have Fuel's hand.. 55... Presto! I was already racked and ready to leave but the dealer dealt me so I was like fuck it. I knew this was a mistake.. The flop comes 5xx... I check.. and the other guy in the hand lays out $21. The flop had two of a suit... I was ready to leave or else I would have milked this hand.. instead I just jammed another $277 in... This was one of the young bucks who thought they were poker gods... they did not know they were up against a TRUE Poker GOD! This kid hemmed and hawed and was like damn that is too much money.. but I could win... Once he started talking things out I felt really confident. He told me he was on a flush draw vs my set... and I was at peace with whatever he did.. but I sort of preferred a fold... and eventually he did fold his flush draw. I racked up and left with my $118 profit. After being a donk for a couple weeks.. I will take it...


Blogger SoxLover said...

Reading your posts, I think this book could help:
Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Cash Games
Jonathan Little, Ken Adams

2:15 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

What you saying I am unskilled? You bitch! lol

10:16 PM

Blogger SoxLover said...

Well, you're playing 1-2 100 buy-ins after more than a decade, so yeah.

Seriously though, it's a good book and may help you.

5:16 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I am playing 1/2 cause I took like 5 years off lol.. plus I was insane when I played online. Seriously though if I was making 35BB playing 1/2 I probably would stay there.. and use all the extra cash to add in some tourneys.

5:20 PM


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