Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nothing too Exciting

Nothing really exciting happening on the tables. Planning on getting the book suggested. Have not done so yet.

Last session I basically was down $3 till the last round. I always set a cutoff time of 10:00 so I can get to bed at a decent time. So I was on my final pass. I look down and have 77.. Someone raises and the flop comes 3 clubs with a 7. I pop it for 5 bucks just to end the hand basically. I get called 2 ways. Turn is a red 4. First position check, I check, last position check. River 4. First position bets 10, I raise to 20, then the last position jams.. First position folds, I instacall.. and my runner-runner boat beats the river Ace high flush. I ended the session up $140.

My hardest thing as always is seeing like people make $600-$1k at a 1/2 table.. and me just eeking out my small wins.. occasionally I get the $600 win.. I know realistic poker is small wins small loses.. and growth over time.. Not my specialty .. Every game I seem to lose around $100.. make a comeback.. and then either end up down a little or up a little..

This game was kind of good for me. It started out with my worse style: super aggro.. and I kept pretty even.. got down like $100 from a few overcalls maybe.. some AK missing.. and then having to fold to a flop bet.. and then got even and finally the table slowed down a lot and I made a good profit. It does get a little frustrating when your week looks like - -$85, -$42, +$142.. anyways getting used to the slower pace of poker live.. only playing Wednesdays..Running at a solid 2.6BB/hr.. sooooo I guess I have nothing to complain about but it sure looks like I do...

Hell maybe I will come back here next week and tell you I won the ATV from the Quads for a Quad contest I got a free entry to a couple weeks back. Poker and life are funny that way,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't win money if you don't have chips in the pot.

6:41 AM

Blogger Tony Bigcharles said...

only once in my life did i ever win over $2000 in $1-2

5:05 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

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