Friday, July 01, 2016

Pokering With The Drunks

Had a fun day at Mohegan and put together another nice win. It was a good win as I was down the first half of the session by $90.. and just hung in there. I was having fun chatting with another Red Sox fan and the table was good and social. At the beginning I made a few minor mistakes.. Letting myself get check raised on the river when the better move would have been checking behind. Small things like that. I got a few pairs and nothing hit. So I kind of lost money in the grind.

The second half the deck kind of smacked me in the face. A drunk guy joined the table and I was having fun with him. He was nuts. He could not stack his chips. He kept saying "You dun did that!" at people and "You dun did it now!".. and I would should back at him "He done did dat!".. Was hilarious and friendly drunk. I made a bunch of money off him. Made money from hitting quad 2's. First quads I have seen since I started playing this year. I also hit a straight flush with one card.. but that would not count for the HH.

I made some mistakes and got a little unlucky or else I would be leaving with $1,000 instead of like $240. I also took it easy on the drunk.. I was just enjoying his company and did not wan't to bust him yet.

The two biggest changes of fortune in the night were a hand where I had TT. The board ended  J3324. On the river drunk dude led out with $100 after checking the turn. I asked him if he was bluffing me. He turned away and would not look at me. I felt like he was TOTALLY bluffing me.. but I ended up folding. The pot was worth $300 or so... and I feel like I made a bad fold. The guy after me only had $40 left and he called winning the pot with 55. Curse you Fuel!

The other big thing I lost was when my quad 2's did not make the HH. I held the spot for like an hour but then got beat by quad 5's. I had no control over that and figured quad 2's was too weak to hold up.

I feel kind of bad that I left like $700 on the table between those two things.. But I am happy to put together a couple of nice wins.

Kids are off at camp. Life is hot and slow right now. Not too bad though.


Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

You probably hate it that you left some on the table, but a $240 profit isn't too bad, right?

2:38 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

yeah I will take $240 most night.

8:19 AM


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