Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Bad Night

It was a bad night. I blew over 100 bucks. Back down to $305 or so. Sucks. Oh well. Rebuilding again. I could not catch a card if my life depended on it. At least I did not go up levels. That is something.

Contrary to Mr. Sore Loser's (Anonymous) thinking it was just one of those nights. The kind of nights when your trips are beaten by higher trips. Every AK missed the flop. No matter what you play your on the losing end. AA Limps in to the left of me in a 5/1 tourney. I have JJ. Raise all in. I was getting slightly short stacked. Probably did not need to risk everything. Everyone folds. He calls of course. That is the end of the tourney for me. KK getting dominated by AA. Stuff like that. We have all had these kinds of nights. It is usually better just to go to bed and try again the enxt day.

I hate nites like last night. I think I showed a little more restraint than usual. Normally I am prone to try and win it all back with higher stakes and worse play. I did not fall into that. I however have a ways to go. I still have not bought into the whole "It is one long session" and need to. I hate to leave the tables down. I need to get over it. At least I have things to work on.

I jumped back on the horse this morning and played a little .50/1 with some succes. Ended up $10. At least it was a positive short session. I will be going on vacation Thursday night so tonight will be my last chance to play. It should be fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, you tend to lose money when you call preflop raises with crappy hands and then pay a lot to chase.

3:14 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Boy that bad beat must have really made you mad. Sorry thought was not playing 25NL.

5:28 AM

Blogger JW said...

Yeah, that sucks. Check out my travels last night, they'll make you feel better. I DID jump levels, but I started jumping levels when I was UP! That one long session thing really is hard to get through the skull, aint it?

8:24 AM


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