Tuesday, August 10, 2004


No No No it is not me this time my friends. Someone else. I want to show you how evil I really am. I am playing $25NL. The guy to my left has kicked my ass a little, I am down from $50 to $37. I am not too happy with him. Deep breath. Wait for my revenge. He goes all in with AQs. He did not have to do this. The pot was $16 and he had a chance to steal it. Instead one person calls him with K9 and makes KK99. He was extremely pissed. So what does he do besides whine. He goes all in again the very next hand with A10o or something. Good hand yeah. Not as good as 99 when nothing hits though. So 99 brings down a huge pot, and the former $90 big stack is now down to $14. Here is my part. Bahhahahaha! I call a normal .50 bet with 9/5. Actually I think I was the BB. The flop is 9-J-5. Now I know this guy could have JJ but I do not think so. So I decide to tweak him and bet exactly what he has left. I mean I waited .. said to myself "If I bet his exact amount the guy to my right will fold, and he will call me because he is on TIIIIILLLLT!! If anyone recognizes the signs it is me. He played into my hands. Sir is the spider. Making his kill. It makes up for me getting shanked by 2-6 when the flop was 266 then A then J. I went all in like a rube. Idiot! Freaking two pair! Moron! Oh well. I am back to a good number. I am a little over $300 right now. Hope to make it to $325 or so tonight. We will see.

Slow playing KK right now. Raised to $3. Looks good. Flop is A34. Have to fold to a $5 raise. Damn! Oh well. I am hanging in there.

One question to you all. Do you think slow playing monster hands is a good idea? I never bet up my AA, KK, QQ, sometimes maybe QQ or JJ. Never AK suited, AQ suited. I know I can steal $2 pots, but when my flops make it I can be devistating in NL. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

UPDATE: AA played slow. Flops A-3-5. Two aces bets $4. I call. A 5 on the turn to make my boat. He bets $9. I raise. He calls. Now he is suspicious. Damn! I get two bucks out of him at the end just because of the size of the pot. Nice.

Got sucked out for $6. Was going for Ace High Club Flush!!! Missed it. Oh well.
Still at $68. Just waiting for my 1$ hold em entry into the $5000 friday night tourney. I really would like to be in that!


Blogger doubleas said...

I don't like slowplaying monsters on Empire/Party. The only reason you need to slowplay hands is if you are trying to get a few more bucks out of calls or are trapping the other player. Neither of those is necessary on Party. They will call your AA raise preflop and check-raise with top pair on the flop. I personally think that you'll make more in the long run betting your good hands, since the calling stations out number the tight players.

Plus, you won't go insane as fast because your big pairs won't be cracked as much...just for bigger pots :).

7:03 AM

Blogger JW said...

I'm not big on slow playing monster hands. For me they get cracked too often. I would rather fast play them 90% of the time and slow play the rest. That way you are actually throwing people off. Plus, you can always slow play if the flop hits you. If it doesn't hit you, you can still fast play it and know that you are possibly still ahead. If it doesn't hit anyone else either you get to take the pot. If you slow play it, you will get called and some moron with 3/9o catches and you get nothing. Just my .02

10:43 AM


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