Monday, August 16, 2004

General Notes

The Blog Roll was getting too large to cycle through in a normal day. I have now split it between Blogs I read every day, and the ones that I get to on days like today. The entire company is on a picnic, and consultants are not invited. I still need to be here to support my application(s) and do some java thingies but I can Blog more. If your not in my reading list too bad. It does not mean your Blog is not worth reading, it either means you update too infrequently or you just got added and I have no opinion of your site yet.

On such site I have not read enough of yet is Poker on Film. The posts I have read so far are excellent and I enjoy them. It will probably make my list sometime soon. For some reason I like reading how people play hands. It is amusing and informative. Sometimes much more so than reading a book.

I am pissed at my best buddy. His home game was going to be my first live experience since I started playing poker alot. I have been waiting for over two months for this game and he schedules it while I am away. Jackass. Oh well. I guess my live game will have to wait. I still think I am a walking tell so maybe this is a good thing.

I am going to start trying more of the 2-5K NL and limit tourneys. You cannot beat an ROI of $6 to win $2500. If my rate remains consistant it would take me 2.5 months to win $2500. Hopefully my rate increases, but you get the point. It would be nice to take one of the decent sized tourneys for a few hundred bucks!

I am getting ready to go on vacation. I start this Thursday. I will be Pokerless and Computerless which is bad, but I will be soaking in the sun and getting a much deserved break from the grind of work and Poker.

Not to whine or anything but my typical Monday goes like this. Spend 8 hours at the day job. This can be fun or boring depending on how much work I can scare up and what type of work it is. I enjoy doing the Java stuff since it is sort of new. I tend to be a Microserf in some ways, my main languages being C# and Visual Basic, but I also love Tech and like to do new things. It causes me to be a Generalist which is good in a downturn when people want to hire someone who can do it all. Once I spend my eight here I go to my two day a week night job. The job was originally a start-up where I was anything from CTO to lowly grunt. I was working 80-100 per week for the promised payout. One note: If you are going to be in a startup get something in writing first. I was way burnt out. The only good part of the job is I was making consulting rates and getting full time benefits. The company then decides that it wants to average out salary and I need to take a 26K pay cut or leave by the end of the month. Now I had done a lot for this company but no way was I working 100 hours and taking a pay cut!! I was kind of worried about finding a job. I got lucky and got a job with the last place I contracted with in about a day. I then went to my boss and said “Cya”. No notice. Nothing. Bite me. It is amazing in life as in poker how the tone changes when the balance of power shifts. I was now the Big Stack. He backtracked on everything he said and tried to guilt me into believing he did not mean any of it. You have to understand, I spent a year of my time building every system they made and now I was going to disappear into the ether. I told them I would work nights to help them out for a while. So I was pulling down 4K a month from them, and making a good rate during the day. I have since scaled back to two nights a week and around 2K on a good month. Once I get home from the night job it is time for the Poker Job. I get to play Monday and Thursday nights. The wife is getting mad at me playing all the time. I am trying to scale back down to Monday and Thursday but it is hard. I really enjoy playing.

So there you have it. A typical day in my life. I am REALLY looking forward to resting a little. It will be hard to not play any poker for a week, but I can probably do it. I am vacationing like 20 minutes away from AC soooo... I will have to let you know.


Blogger JW said...

Sir, as you know, I feel your pain brother!
I'm thinking Tuesday and Thursday nights will be my poker nights, but I have to give it a bit to bring up to the wife as we have talked about this b4 and I didn't stick to it...D'oh!
Way to "call the bluff" at your second job.

11:12 AM

Blogger JW said...

Dude, major faux pas (though I made the same one with another blog recently): it's Mean Gene, not Mean Jean. Isn't Jean usually a girl's name? Yikes! ;)

11:16 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Fixing the Mean Jean thing. I have had his link listed for 2 months and now when I make a change you notice! Bah! heh. Ok, a "Poker Professor" I am not. Too absent minded. I am more of a fly by your pants and try not to get too creative type.

11:40 AM


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