Friday, August 13, 2004

Fun and Work .. Not Good

I had one of the most amusing 10/1 NL sessions ever. If I was having a little less fun I would have come in 1st place. Basically I put someone out on the first hand. I was then joking and playing around with people on the table, and promptly lost some more, won alot more, and lost the rest. Oh well. It was only 10/1 NL.

The good thing about tonight is I capped $400 so I am in the green again. It feels good. I had two nice $25NL sessions and a $5/1 NL 1st Place win to do it. I also made $10 at a .50/1 table. I really want to get to $600 and start playing some $1/2. I am making sure I stay within my limits. I think that 300xBB is a good metric and I am not going to play higher tables until I have the money.

The Patriots are kicking the Eagles butts! Ya Baby! It is going to be a good year me thinks.


Blogger "TV" said...

thanks for the info about script. I just not smart enough to figure that out yet. Sorry I was so long in replying Good Luck

11:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

not to be a mean prick, but why the heck do you keep going down to the 5/1 tournaments. Stick with the 10/1 SnG tourney's. The rake is the same and twice the prize money, and the play can't be that much weaker.

2:32 PM


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