Thursday, August 12, 2004

Road to 25K

Possitive affirmations as Sloe would say. I started warming up for the NL tourney to get into the 25K NL tourney by playing some $25NL. I was up to $70 at one point, and ended at $50. I had 99 and was raised $43 on a $6 raise I did. The guy has A4 offsuit, but I was not going to go away from my warmup table a loser for any reason. A $25 profit on the night is decent at my bankroll level. The table was incredable passive. I would try to bet .50 on my straight draws and everyone would fold. Thank God initially there was a maniac ATM machine who called me all in when I had a REALLY high flush. Not the ace, but it was good enough.

Now on to the NL tourney:

Round 1: 193 entrants. $965 prize pool. 8.7 entries into the 25K NL tourney on Sunday. If I win that one I am cashing out 15K. 10K for the wife to buy furniture (this will get her to stop nagging), 5K for savings, the other 10K is my working bankroll. What are my chances of winning? As good as anyone else I would say. Our table starts with 9 players. I am taking it easy. Getting crap cards also. The first
person has already gone out on our table. I like NL! I just bet $60 to try and steal a pot. Everyone stayed in. This is going to be a good table if I can keep my excitement down. Down to 192 players now. Sweet. Pair of 4's for me the SB. Nothing on the flop. I lay it down. Good thing because the J's just trippled up. Not to mention the flush on the river. The eight high flush takes it. I LOVE this table. K9 on the button. Three hearts on the flop. Ouch. Folding. Folding to a $125 bet. Too early. Too much. It is down to 186 left. I am slightly below average stack. Being a little more aggresive. Probably want to take it easier. The top 11 pay off, with the top 8 getting the entry into the Sunday Tourney.

Level 2: Start with $865. No luck so far. Not a big deal though. I will make my moves when it is time. I am used to starting with $800 usually, so the extra is like winning a hand. Called $60 with KJ and the flop is 234 garbage that makes A6 a straight. I am out. AA. Pocket Pair. A jackass calling J7d to the river when I raised him $800 before the river. Man I am pissed.

So I play 2 $25 NL's and 1 10/1 NL after I get these lousy cards. My luck does not improve. I dropped $52 in a short period of time. Really not good. My stack which was doing well from my NL limit is back to $316. I then go on the most incredable run of cards I have ever had. I was double tabling and ran my $25 in .50/1 up to $65, and a $25 NL up to $42. Sweeeet. The .50/1 was the hot table. In less than 1/2 hour I made the 40BB or so. I was dealh 6 flushes draws in a row and made 5 and won the last on a pair made on the river. This is how good this table was. I swear I won 10 hands in a row. It was scary. It is now 12AM so I am trying to leave the table. I just cannot lose so I do not want to leave. I am up to $70.75 since I started typing this. I leave when I lose enough to go under $70. Might get blinded out now! 9-5o on the BB. Folding to a raise. The SB will knock me out next hand unless I win it. 5-9o now. Heh. Scary! And Sir is out with $69.75. Hold on! I am four to a straight! Damn. Would have missed it. heh. Sir is going to sleep.


Blogger doubleas said...


Sorry to hear about your aces. Why is Pacific next to my name? I never play there except for the Iggy-blogger tournament.

Have fun,

6:16 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Whoops.. Losing my brain. It happens to us 35 year olds. Will set to Party, Stars.

8:20 AM


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