Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Discipline, Blog Links, and more…

I know I have spoken on this before but I really think discipline is more important to Poker than perfect play in the long run. If you have no discipline it is only a matter of time before variance will cause you to fail.

I lack a lot of discipline in a lot of areas. I sometimes can wait for the good cards, and other times I do not. I never wake up at the same time in a day. I never seem to be able to make the time to exercise. I do not force myself to stop on a bad day. I have not stuck to my two days a week Poker promise to the wife. There is a lot of lack of discipline. It is something I need to really work on.

On a happier front I got a huge spike in viewer-ship from His blog is about .. well .. him. He mentions a lot of interesting blogs and had this to say about the site

“Ramblings about my Online Poker experience, including games I play in, and thoughts about strategy."

”Neat blog idear.”

I thank him for the plug and the spike in readership by about fifty! Best day so far for the blog. I did wonder where all these new people came from, and hopefully some can stay and enjoy my pain. I usually have about 40 unique readers a day which is interesting. I also think that because the Blogger software has that banner and the next Blog button I am getting alot more first time hits.

One upsides and downside of being a Poker Blogger is the recognition factor. People can really smoke you when they have read your Blog. It is funny. I do like the pseudo 5 minutes of fame, however when you make a bad move you really get held accountable. You take the good with the bad I guess.


Blogger JW said...

OK, first of all, you are absolutely correct. Discipline is probably the hardest thing to master in poker. I have the same problem.
Secondly, I'm jealous! Nice readership! ;)
Kind of funny what a kick you get in a spike of readership, isn't it? My biggest day was when Hdouble posted my link, but I'm growing steadily. :)

11:42 AM


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