Monday, August 09, 2004

Crazy Ass NL Table

I was on the craziest most intense Gamboolerz table for three hours last night. It was a hell of a ride. Here are some of the highlights.

Big stack likes to bully people around. He had like $180 and liked to go all in. The flop is AAA and I have KK. I slow played it. I know this is probably stupid, but I have come to the conclusion it is better to trap someone with the absolute nuts, then scare them off with something less. Anyway, the pot was a decent size and he goes all in with Q high. I mean he put his $180 into the middle. I called him with my $40 because I did not believe him and I got lucky and won a huge pot.

He was in another one where he puts his whole pot in against $60. Two other people call. I fold. Freaking $180 pot. The big stack has something like AAKK. The first called had a pair of threes. Not sure what the second guy had. Guess what comes on the turn and river? 33. Heh! He said "I just had a feeling" .. So I stand up for him and say "Well, he had pot odds, he only needs to make his trips one out of 120 times and he is ahead.". Ok. So my math is a bit off but it was like that all night. I ended up about $50 for the night. The people at the table were really nice. We even would warn each other not to go in sometimes when we had the absolute nuts. Not all the time, but on occasion.

I am still up in the air on what I think about NL. I think treating it like a tourney, and only playing one per session is a good idea. I think playing it like a tourney, and waiting for the NUTS is the best strategy. Peeking at pots when it is cheap works too. I let someone limp in for .50, and the flop is 442, and he has 24! Lucky I only lost about five bucks on that one. I vary my strategy, in that sometimes with some people you just have to call without having the absolute NUTS or else they will walk all over you all night long. Other times it is never right to call. It seems like NL is all a game of waiting and good timing and luck. You can get the NUTS and only win a buck, or you can have a pair of twos and win a nice pot. It is definatly a RUSH!!

I am thinking I need to get on Party instead of Empire. I see all of the Bloggers play together on Part and frankly I am jealous. Ok, I am probably not going to play in most of there games.. maybe some of the multi's or something.. but I never get to play against anyone I know!! Wahh Wahh Wahh!


Blogger Roberto Roundtree Rogelio said...

It's all the same games, just different tournies. You can sit at the same table as anyone one Party.

11:52 AM

Blogger John said...

What I haven't seen , and would really like to find, is a list of the Party/Empire screen names of all the bloggers.

Iggy, Hdouble, BG, Pauly, Mean Gene....
( and I've seacrehd for these guys when I'm on, just never see them..)
just so I can watch em.

to start off

I'm Piper_bt on Empire

4:10 PM


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