Saturday, August 28, 2004

Immm bacccck....

I hath returned. I am refreshed and ready to play. I am getting creamed though. Not from bad play. I get 3 Qs beat by a straight KJ when I have KQ. Nice. Winning pair beat by a 4 high club flush on the river. My AJ flush draw not making anything. Flush beat by house. Stuff like that. Every hand I fold seems to make good stuff. I dropped 9-7 and would have had a house. Flop was something like 977. I drop a straight draw. It was runner-runner. I would have made it. Oh well, sometimes poker is crewel. I went through $25 in ring play REALLY fast. I am slowing it down and doing a tourney to see if I can turn things around.

I was going to do reports about my vacation but nothing really exciting happened. I basically got to sit on the beach for a week and enjoy “some” relaxation. I had it all planned though:

“As I sit upon the beach the mists of Avalon part and reveal the City of Gold. Atlantic City.”


“My sunburn is really red like the Ace of Diamond on Empire”.

See you’re lucky I decided not to write up my trip. I never did make it to AC or any poker tourneys. I could see AC from the beach though. Only on clear days. It would have been fun but the babysitting never worked out. It was nice to get a break from everything I am involved in. I feel somewhat refreshed, although riding home with two kids is a HUGE ordeal! At least the older one had a DVD player to watch.


Blogger doubleas said...

welcome back to the know there is a beach at AC :)

11:43 AM


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