Thursday, August 19, 2004

Last Post for a Week

My final post until I get back from NJ. I am looking forward to a week away from everything. It is too bad the weather forcast is so bad! At least through the weekend it is chance of thunderstorms.

I think the Blogger banner thing is really bad. The "Next Blog" options give you random Blogs which can be fun, however half of them are not english and you need to go through alot of boring blogs to find something interesting. I was surfing today and came across It is wicked funny. It is just all about some guy having affairs and regreting it but still continuing on. At least I have some self control on that front. It is a good read though.

Online Poker Thoughts has shot up in value from .70 to over six bucks on It is funny. I bought 2000 shares at .70 and then sold them all for 11K making a nice 9K profit I think. Sweet! I have the following stocks in my portfollio now:

Site Shares Buy Price Value
============ ====== ========= ========
Dead Money 2 $151.56 $151.56
FeliciaLee 100 $ 1.25 $ 1.42
me ? $ .70 $ 6.70
Poker Grub 200 $ .40 $ .47
Sloe Times 6 $ .71 $237.42

I sold all my Online Poker Thoughts and cannot buy back in until 5:30 or something. If I miss then I am screwed. I want to buy back a decent amount of shares in that stock because I think it is going to keep going up in value!

I might go play some Poker in AC. I have been thinking this over and have not decided yet. I have talked to alot of people about the differences in live and online Poker. If I do get a chance to try it out I will post my opinions also. It seems as if you play alot tighter in live ring games because the game is alot slower, and it might take a while to make your money back if you lose a big hand. I will let you know.

Good luck all. I expect some winning going on out there while I am gone. Keep up the good posts. I will read them all when I get back.

*** HAHA! We decided to leave tomorrow. I played some .50/1 and a touch of 1/2. I cannot wait until I start playing 1/2 regular. I need to wait though. I had a good couple of sessions. Up about $20 for the night.


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