Friday, August 06, 2004

Interesting Statistics and other mundane things

The Blog is healthy and apparently alot of people view it. Not sure why. I find it pleasing on some level though. Here are some statistics:

.78 cents a share valuation on

International appeal with 53 US hits, 9 Canadian, 1 Sweden (HDouble?),
and 1 Australian.

Average browser resolution is 1024x768. Good screens to read the Blog on.

Unique visitors over all time is 260. I get about 5-10 unique visitors per day. I also average around 40 repeat visitors per day. This was a very surprising stat since I have only every heard from like 5 of you.

For whatever reason peak usage seems to be on Thursdays. Need something to get you guys over the hump?

I find these stats totally meaningless but good for the ego.

I wonder if any of you like the live hand-by-hand play reports I do every once in a while when the mood strikes me. I prefer to be more profound if I can, but the play-by-play I think gives you a look into my thought process in hand selection and game play.

One other thing I wonder is if I play aggressively enough. I am always the guy at the table with the K on a 55K flop that is thinking: Does he have the other 5? He must? I mean he is calling me right? He is not chasing an Ace? Nahh.. he must have the 5! Aggresion is funny. I used to be VERY passive. Never raising. Always calling. I then started playing more aggresivly on the advice of a Blogger. I forget who now, read my Archives. I think it is called something like "I like Agggresion". My idea of agression now is raising pre-flop with a good hand. Betting down to the river. I still do not raise alot. I will rarely every get it up to 4BB even if the other guy lets me. So I guess I am agressive for me, but maybe still not there. If any other Bloggers want something to write about I would like to hear there idea's on how to play aggresively. It is a facinating subject.


Blogger Roberto Roundtree Rogelio said...

I usually play aggressive pre-flop with position, or to try and isolate someone... as for post flop, if I think I have it I run with it, until someone gives me a reason to slow down I bet it hard.

11:23 AM


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