Tuesday, September 21, 2004

FFL Changes and PT

The FFL Team is sickly. I was comparing my stats to the Drunk Bastards and I have a lot of work to do in order to beat Al. The problem is he has a freaking RB that gives him 50 points a game! Damn Priest Holmes! Lucky for me my competition this week has been sad. I think they barely broke 100 points each week. I am hoping this trend continues and I mop the floor with these guys. I put myself in a bad spot by having too many Patriot players on my team. So I had to do a lot of juggling this week. I got rid of the consistent dead beats except for one TE (T. Heap) that will do well if he gets healthy. I decided to keep him on for a week or two more. I ended up dropping P. Burress. I remember him killing the Pats as a receiver. I mean whenever you needed a catch he was the man. Apparently this is no longer the case. He was scoring me so few points that I had to get rid of him. I also dropped a kicker to pickup the Giants Defence. I had to do this because I had no D for this week. I picked up R. Caldwell for a WR. He is a sleeper pick. He has had two good weeks. Hope this continues. Bottom line he cannot be worse than 3 points. Here is the write-up about him:

Sep 20 For the second straight week, Chargers wideout Reche Caldwell was on the receiving end of a touchdown strike from Drew Brees, this time hauling in a 33-yard touchdown against the Jets. Caldwell, a former second round draft pick, now has eight catches, 132 yards, and two touchdowns on the season.
Views: Guess who is in his third season? Caldwell got a starting spot in week one thanks to Tim Dwight's hamstring injury, and he's making it difficult for Marty Schottenheimer to remove him. If for some horrible reason you need to use a Chargers wideout, Caldwell would be your guy.
Good enough for me. Like I said, he CANNOT be worse than the 3 points I have been getting in this spot. So if some of my moves work out then I might crack 150 this week. If I can consistently do this I might have a shot at Al when week 8 rolls around. Either that or I will have to put a Voodoo curse on Holmes!

That’s my FFL rambling for the week. Should get back to Poker soon. I have decided to purchase Poker Tracker. I know I have been slacking on getting something to check the leaks in my game, but to be honest I do not think I was at a point where that would have made much of a difference. I think my game has improved a lot in the last few weeks and now I want to start finding the holes. I am sure I will have a million questions about the program. My main problem with it when I was using the demo version was the fact that it is hard to tell what everything means. I see 25% of the flops? Is that bad? Is it good? I have a high aggression rating what does that mean? I lose a lot with AA.. Does that tell me I overplay AA or I am getting bad beats too often? Etc.. etc.. I have no clue so I will post some of my stats once I get 10,000 hands and ask for help.


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