Friday, September 17, 2004

Maudie and Ani and big swings..

I had a nice night. Had fun playing with Maudie and Anisotropy. I think I saved their nights basically giving them alot of my cash! lol. Oh well. I lost at the .50/1 and won at the ½. Doubled up on a .50/1 table too. I was up to $775 and then some two interesting hands sunk me. I was playing short handed and I had the J7 of spades. I limped in and flopped a Flush. I bet it and was bet up. After about ten bucks I lose to Q high flush! Damn!

I then decide to try and win some back. So I go and play a 25NL. It was good because it reminded me why I hate NL sometimes. I get 33 and play it. I flop the set and see a flush draw. I raise it by the pot, I get raised a little, and then the 3rd guy goes all in. I call and the guy after me calls. So its like $75 in the pot. Nice. No flush happens! Sike! I won right? Bahhh! The freaking 8’s flopped a set too.. and it wasn’t even the guy who raised all in! Jackass! I hate NL! Of course I finished in an SNG by getting one hand. It was a pair of 4’s that made a set on the turn. I took two peoples entire stacks and glided into 3rd. I made one mistake when down to the last three. I was chip dog. The flop had a K and I had A-10 suited. I had a flush draw. So I called a huge hand and lost to a pair of K’s. Damn! I hate NL! Heh.

I made a nice hand back in ½. I have a pair of 3’s again! Freaking 88 on the flop! Wassup with that? Grrr. I should not have played the 3’s anyway. Instead of going on tilt I am going to try and grab one more good hand and call it a night.

In answer to some questions from JW:

How many times a week do you play and for how long?

It depends but I like to play 3-5 days for 3-5 hours.

How many tables?

Right now I two table. I could three table, but I get flustered sometimes and then I lose bad.

How long have you been at your current limit?

I have been at ½ for a week or so. I played .50/1 for 2-3 weeks until I got up to $600.

As far as variance goes. I have seen some but not as much as some people. I do not think I have played long enough, and it is something I need to learn to deal with.

My question to Bloggers about the stake to start with got a good response all around the Blogsphere. A lot of good articles and advice. The main reason I asked the question is because of SSHE. It seems like if you bet your flushes for maximum value, and you miss 4-5 because of variance you can quickly be out 25BB. If you hit above average on the other hand you can be WAYYYYYY up.

Ok. I am done for the night. I am up six bucks. I was up fifty bucks at one point. Bah!


Blogger JW said...

Wow. Man, I wish I could play that much!
Keep at it, but I think you are right, you need more time to see what's really going on.

Some nasty hands in that write up. Sometimes poker sucks, no? ;)

6:15 PM


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