Monday, September 20, 2004

Are you ready for Football!!

Not much going on in Poker this weekend. Had the Bankroll up to $880 or so and brought it back down to $795 or so. Caused mostly by some REALLY bad beats. Ok, they were not that bad, but I will never get over people who stay in with K2 against a capped pre-flop. I know that any hand COULD win, but how do you feel good about that hand? Hope you choke on my dollar! I still feel fine about my game. I am going to get some good time in tonight while watching Monday Night Football!

My FFL team so far has the best score in the league for the week. My opponent the Cuban Refugees needs to score an additional 75 points to catch me tonight. It is possible since his team is loaded with Philly and Minnesota players. Here is how I think it will go down:

D. McNabb: 30 points.
M. Robinson: 10 points
B. Westbrook 10 points
D. Akers: 7 points

So that would get the Cubans an additional 57 points and I would still win. Even if D. McNabb has an outstanding night like he did last week I could still win. I feel like I am in good shape to hold on with my 142 points. We will have to wait and see though. The great part about my team is that there is still a lot of room for improvement. I brought the team up 30 points this week and I still have a few deadbeats. Next week is a challenge though. No Patriots. I need to trade someone to get a Defence if I want those points because the Pats are my only D. I also have 2-3 other Patriot players. We will see.

Pauly liked my last post about Chucky Cheese. Very High Praise coming from Pauly. Heh. I am truly honored. Heck, I am surprised he even reads this drivel.


Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

I read your drivel a few times a week!

Priest Holmes killed me yesterday. He gave me 35 points last week, and just 15 this week.

8:57 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I have The Edge. Mr. James screwed me with his goaline fumble last week, but came through for me this week. I was glad he fumbled since I am a HUGE Pats fan!

10:04 AM


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