Tuesday, October 05, 2004

What do you do.. What do you do..

First off I had a nice night. I busted out on a 1/2 table. Basically not my fault. I might have hung in too long, but I had 4 hands that I played: AA,KK,QQ,KK. Seems like good hands, right? Did not win a single one. I chased the QQ and KK's when an Ace showed up. Is this the right move? Not sure. Do you automatically fold to a bet? Probably not. I got trip J's on the river putting my opponent on AK, but he had KK and it made his boat. Ouch.

I then started a nice roll. I went down to a .50/1 to fool around, and kept playing my second 1/2 table. I almost trippled up on the .50/1 and I doubled on the 1/2, for a nice nights profit of $30. With my Empire VIP bonus I will be up to $930 after tonight. Not bad.

Here is my question. You have AA. You raise. You get several callers. The flop is 77x. You bet. Everyone folds except one guy who raises. I called him down to the river and beat his 22. Was it a mistake not to raise his calls to the river? Do you assume he has you beat with the 7 and fold, call to the river for as little money as possible, or bet it out all the way down? I am back to my TAP rating and want to work on the last P. Not sure what the right way to do this is though. What PT stats point to passive post-flop play? I assume I am leaving ALOT of money on the tables. Not acceptable. What do I do though?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call or Raise with a 77x board? Depends on your read of your opponent and his position. It is entirely read based ... do you believe he has it? As you know, same is true when you raise with pocket pair and an ace hits ... does he have it or is he putting a move on you. Whole table got smacked last night by a guy raising everything (and hitting) when he was in late position. 10,6; 8,7s; A,J; A,2; 8,5 all were raised and some were 3-bet and he hit everytime. It was impossible to put him on a hand and he raped the table. He was on a beautiful rush and it cost the rest of us. Sorry, not much help. cheers, habsfanca11

11:51 AM

Blogger doubleas said...

I'll give my opinion, but I'll also caveat everything I say with the fact that I don't play limit much. I think if you're going to call with 22 in limit, it isn't because you're trying to flop a set, but also because you believe that the raiser may be on two overcards. I would probably check-raise you too and if you don't raise back, I'll believe that you are making the standard flop bet that a preflop raiser might make on any flop no matter what cards come out.

If I did have a 7, then I'd wait until the turn to raise you when the bet size doubles.

Given that, if I were the one with aces, I'd believe that I had the best hand until after I got raised on the turn. A flop raise doesn't seem to mean much except that the raiser is most likely willing to see a river. I have raised on the flop to fold on a turn bet.

To summariz...I dunno

11:51 AM


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