Sunday, October 03, 2004

Same Ole

Not too much going on. Playing Poker. Brought myself back up to $850. It seems like I will never get to 2/4, of course the variance is more so that might not be bad. Variance IS a bitch. I have been trying to have a few successful sessions and build on it. I doubled up on one table tonight. It was nice. All my flops were good. It got to the point where people needed a GREAT hand to call me. Hand of the night was KK standing up for a $30 pot with 4-5 people in. Not bad. It got scary. I thought I was dead because a straight was on the board. Nobody had it though.

I lost half my buyin on the other table. Oh well. I was down to 5 bucks. I brought it back up to twenty. I will take it.

I am going to have a table game at Empire / Party every Thursday 9:00EST. Only going to do it if I have 10 people promise to showup. I will post the password. I am going to stick with .50/1 because it makes it fun. Not much to lose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You can count me in for Thursday. It'll help me work off that damned bonus that's been weighing me down lately, with the bonus of good company.

(Catching the Antichrist)

2:39 PM


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