Monday, October 04, 2004

My Friend

The hand of the night ROCKED! Let me set it up for you first. Bad Blood was on my table for this one. I am playing and doing well. I am up about twenty on a table. I have 6-2 in the BB and the flop is 6-2. I bet it up to 4BB. I then get suspicious that the other guy was raising it up. I call to the river and loose to 66. This sets me off a little. The next hand I have K-10 s000ted and bet it hard. I get beat by someone I will call “The Friend”. You will see why in a minute. I get A7c s000ted and play it. I get a few callers. The flop is an awesome 5c6c8d. I cannot have a better flop except by making a boat or something. I have four to a straight and flush and straight flush. The Friend bets it, it gets raised, and I raise it again. I am screaming at the screen “I am going to get you this time MFA!”, “Your ass is mine”! The next card is a sweet club. I bet. I am raised by “The Friend”, I raise him. He calls. I start typing in the window “Who’s your daddy!”. The final card is the 5 of diamonds. Now this jackass is capable of playing 8-5 to the river and hitting his boat. So I hold off sending the message. I am going to guess he did not though. So I bet, he raises, we cap it, and I win with the Ace High Flush to his 9 high flush. Lol! I send the message. I send a few whoop whoops. I also tell “My Friend” I forgive him for the 10-2 he sucked me out on. Going from twenty down to twenty up will do that for you. I love $53 pots. Sweeeeeet.


Blogger BadBlood said...

I can vouch the above story is true :)

5:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha...the emotions of poker.

8:08 AM


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