Thursday, October 21, 2004

I Hate NL!

I finished 45th Place out of 133. Not bad. Not Great. I hate NL! Todd the Commish made it to the FINAL TABLE! Nice! I guess I am in good company. I finished before:

The Vegan
Film Geek
Al (Hey, I finally beat Al in something!)
DoubleAs (I thought you played NL dude! Lol!)
The Venerable Iggy
Wil maybe?
Pauly and Paulies Bro
Grubette (I finally figured out your relationship to Grubby!)
Maudie (How did I do that, you were WAYYYY ahead of me!)

And Several Others.. the list goes on! Maybe I am too hard on myself? Perhaps I have a future in NL? Nahhhhh...

The hand I went out on. I am down to 1900. The blinds are 200+Ante and it is getting scary to fold everything. So I get KJ (S000ted?) in the Blind. The Venetian raises in a little. I decide to call him all in. He freaking flips over KK! Slow playing bastard! lol. He really kicked my ass! I was totally dominated. Once the turn came nothing could save me. It was very sad. I probably should have waited a few more orbits before trying to make a move but it is what it is! At least I am up to $67 on PokerStars (Fifty buy in - Blog Tourney + 1/2) and up $40 tonight at Empire. Not too bad. PokerStars seems alot easier to play at than Empire. Just my take. I may actually try and build a Bankroll there.


Blogger doubleas said...

Eff You man! Just kidding.

Good job in the tournament...especially finishing ahead of the reigning champion.

BTW, I'm basically even at 1/2 6max over the last 3 table hours (a lot for me because I play 15-20 minutes at a time on those limit tables). At least I'm not losing.

6:42 AM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Heh...I'm the one who knocked DoubleAs out...I called him on a blind steal attempt. He tried to steal with A4, and I defended with A7. The flop came the worst possible for him. A74. We were all in after the flop and I had him out-chipped by a little.

I went out right about the same time as SirFW. I got sucked out with 88 vs 72, QQ vs TT, AK vs AJ. I led most of the night, but nobody can survive that many bad beats in less than an hour.

7:25 AM


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