Thursday, October 21, 2004

Still We Beleive

I am stunned. After 35 years of waiting what an incredible way to get into the World Series. There are so many memories this team has made. The extreme courage of Kurt Shilling playing an excellent game with Franken Foot. David, big Poppi, pop goes the weasel, Oritz. Derek Lowe rising from the ashes of a disastrous season to pitch two of the most perfect games he ever has. High fives to my little one every time the Sox hit one out of the park. History has been made today. It feels good.

I almost thought we were going to give it back in Bill Buckner esque fashion. Ask yourself how can you get 55 thousand Yankees fans back into a game they are losing by 7 runs? Take out the guy pitching a one hitter and put in “Who’s your Daddy” Martinez! I was glad my son was asleep by this time because I did not want him to go around saying “F*ing Francona! What the F is he doing!”. I guess the Red Sox did not think I had enough vomit in my throat and had to help me out. It all worked out though. Perhaps this will help get Pauly out in the Blogger tourney? A little Red Sox induced tilt? Hmm.

The Red Sox winning in this way reminds me of jumping out of an airplane. I did this stunt years ago. I feel exactly the same way. No, not how you might think, Exhilarated, Adrenalin rush! I think most people who have taken the plunge would say it is surreal. You are plummeting towards earth at an ungodly speed and all you can think is how much it feels like a dream. Complete with toy cars and little buildings out of some little boys fantasy. There is no fear or exhilaration just an acceptance that this must be real even though it has a hazy dream like quality to it. The exuberation and partying will come today once that feeling wears off. As we walk around our offices and give each other high fives. Talking about the next steps. Reality will set in and it will be incredible.

Every dynasty must eventually end. Hopefully this is the fall of the Yankees. They have been incredible for the last decade but it is time to move over. The signs of the end of Rome are there. Blowing a four game lead. Settling for whiny, lipstick wearing, girl slapping player. Having the best closer in baseball lose not one but two save opportunities. The huns are at the gate. We will have to wait to see what happens but at least for a few days all is well in Red Sox nation. All is well!


Blogger ToddCommish said...

I had to venture over here to offer my congratulations!

All together now... EFF YOU, YANKEES!

I wonder what George's luxury box sounded like after that game...

8:28 AM


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