Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Flamming Madness

The ember has fanned into a burning flame of hope. I am a sick man, but I cannot help but cheer and scream and yell for MY Red Sox to win the division. Here is to hope burning eternal.

We always talk about how much heart the Yankees have. When Jeeter runs into the stands full steam. All the clutch hitting. It is true. The Yankees are a great team. However you HAVE to give Kurt Shilling the prize for courage and guts! He played his heart out with his leg bleeding and his tendon grinding on his bone. What a competitor!

On another good front Sean clarified his position on my comments on the Pats:

My argument just isn't "they haven't lost yet" but rather they haven't been particularly impressive in this "streak". A lot of their wins have been due to blind luck and very close games. Eventually, the variance will catch up with the Pats, and they'll return to the 10-6 team that they really are.

Seriously, enjoy it while you can, because eventually (very very soon) it will all crash down. They're not as good as advertised.

I plan on enjoying every moment of it. I do think the Pats are an extremely good team not so much in the parts that go into the team, but how the whole functions and works together for the goal of winning a Super Bowl. The coach is a huge part of it. You could say that the team is lucky, and I would agree. I also would say they make some of their own luck. If you have a bunch of guys swarming on the QB and he fumbles is it luck, yeah, but also you have those guys in the area so you are likely to pickup the fumble and also hit the QB blindside. Anyway it has been a long time since I have had a good team to enjoy and I am loving it!

On the Poker front. Damn. This is a Poker Blog right? I am excited about the tourney. It is ALWAYS fun to play Bloggers. I hate taking your money but I like bragging about it! I hear rumor Aqualad is going to be playing in the tourney. Lol. I never knew who did the voice even though I have seen every Teen Titans to date. Some people get around! The show is a little cheezy buy very enjoyable.

I am almost at decision time. I will be at a stack size to support 3/6 in a week if things hold up and evil variance does not come by and kick my ass. I am leaning towards waiting to go up to 3/6 because I am just getting used to 2/4. Anyone have any advice? Should I get (x) hands in at 2/4 before I try a higher level? Is it basically the same with maybe a few less fish?

On the profound side I find that as you move up levels and the money in the previous level seems like pennies, you tend to play a better game. Your less timid. The money seems trivial. I mean an average ½ pot is 12-20 bucks where a 2/4 is 25-40. I think psychologically this looking down at smaller levels gives you an edge. Your more likely to play your good cards hard and have a good time. I have doubled up in ½ 80% of the times I have played since I moved up to 2/4. I do not think my game has changed that much but it must have in some ways I do not understand yet. Perhaps a revelation is coming. Oh well, that’s all I have. Seacrest Out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can say from my stays at 2/4 and 3/6 that there's virtually no difference between the two levels in terms of the quality of the opposition. At 5/10 there seems to be a change, but that's mostly because so many of the people don't belong there and are afraid to play because of the size of the pots. For the lower levels, though, don't be scared. If you can handle 2/4, you can handle 3/6.

- Jason

9:03 AM

Blogger Blu said...

3/6 is not different from 2/4 - just make sure you have the bankroll to handle any downturns and play your game. If yo switch by the ned of the month I'll still be playing 3/6 so look me up!

Blu (BluMK on Party)

9:57 AM


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