Friday, October 15, 2004

We are Family

The Blogscape is a living, breathing organism and it is sad when parts of it change. I really miss reading some of the regular Bloggers.

ITC was one of my favorites. Always something good to say. The jury is out as to his return to the tables but we wish him the best. I really liked the few times we played together.

Sloe has changed his priorities a little. With the wee one becoming more interesting there is just not as much time for Poker. Although he still writes a Poker post here and there it is not with the same frequency.

Where has Poker in the Weeds gone? Is little bro’s interest in writing waning as his older sibling’s never has? Is there just not much Poker going on? Has life reasserted itself for the time being? Who know’s.

Through the ashes more new faces are born. Perhaps a fast growing tumor would be a better description. Every day dozens of Blogs start up all trying to fit into the community. Some fall by the wayside as Bankrolls are destroyed or new content becomes hard to find. Others become widely popular and join our little family. It is always fun to catch them on the tables. Forcing the NL players to come down to my world! Or running into Bloggers playing the same levels and working on the same issues as I am. It is all very special and helpful.

A Blogger recently told me he never thought I would last. I had to chuckle. If nothing else I am stubborn! The jury is still out about my long-term success. I know I would not have survived my tilting without the support of everyone out there. I look back on the one-day I blew my entire Bankroll now and laugh. It was the single best thing that every happened to my Poker "career". It taught me a real lesson on what I was reading on other Blogs: Discipline, Money Management, etc.. One of these days I might get the aggression part too. I am still young though. It seems sometimes that I have been Blogging and playing poker for my entire life. It has really only been a little over two months. In that time I have played over 18,000 hands! I know the traditional B&M players would never get that kind of time in. It has been great.

I look forward to beating Iggy on Poker Stars. I already have a picture of Verne Troyer and a big red X stamp waiting next to my PC. Now all I have to do is setup my Poker Stars account, fund it, and win. Piece of cake! Lol. Just so you all know what kind of donation I am giving here: $25 NL Holdem, 81 Hands, -$150. My nights with NL Hold em go something like this: Flop Trip 6’s, Turn is a rag, River is 6’s over 2’s, Sir Bets out. Sir gets beat by Quad twos! Although my ROI in tournament NL is not as bad.

Enough with the Blog Family sniffle fest! It is time to get back to the tables and beat someone out of their last SS check! Screw that, last SS DISABILITY check! Ohhh yeaaahh baby!


Blogger Ignatious said...

excellent commentary on our lil piece of the blogosphere.

9:20 AM

Blogger Felicia :) said...

I'm moving over to blogger. I'll still be, but no more Typepad for me!

Right now about 10% of my content is tranfered. Oy vey!

12:56 PM


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