Tuesday, October 19, 2004

As the Knife Turns

The Knife twists deeper. A spark of hope flares in my heart. It is just a lonely ember in the middle of the fireplace. Not enough to really get me hooked yet. It is for this reason that the Red Sox will win tonight. A complete game for Shilling shutting out the Yankees. The ember will be fanned into a flame and hope will burn bright until they plunge the knife in the final quarter inch in game seven. I should have stuck with my original plan of not watching.

My FFL team had a lousy week and almost won. I barely cracked 100. I knew I was in trouble when the teams I was up against were the Steelers, the Eagles.. you get the idea. My offence basically got dominated and my only good running back was on a bye. I did pick up Denver’s new Phnom Droughns and he came through with some points. So putting him and the Edge up next week will be good. In addition Tory Holt seems like he is finally going to kick it up. Possibly Todd Heap will come back and do some good too. Who knows? I am predicting a better week against teams like the Bungles. The Drunk bastards still remain undefeated! I moved down to 3rd place. Drat! At least I am playing against the last place team in the league.

The Pats are doing awesome. I heard a description of the New England Teams that went something like this:

The Patriots are like a new Girlfriend. She is so good you can hardly believe she is true. You are kind of expecting her to let you down but she never does. Perhaps she is
A keeper!

The Bruins are like a long distance romance. She is still around.. somewhere.. but you don’t really care. It is all over but nobody has the guts to say so.

The Celtics are like an old girlfriend. The spark has not yet died. You remember those wild old times on the kitchen counter and the floor and don’t forget the library! However lately it’s just not the same.

The Red Sox are like the most abusive relationship you have ever had. They beat the shit out of you every night and you keep coming back for more. You just know it is going to be different this time..

Shawn of Anisotropy and I have a little disagreement going on. He keeps picking against the Patriots and I keep laughing in his face. Heh! His reasoning: They have to lose sometime, don’t they? Hmm? I will say they have not played anyone incredible yet. I did not understand all the hype about the Hawks though. They had not beaten a winning team this year. They beat up on weak teams, which is all good but proves nothing. The same could be said for the Patriots except for the Colts. However we just have a special place for the Colts so that does not really count. This week we go up against the Jets and I have to say it is again two teams who have not really played anyone good. Who have the Jets really beaten? I think the Pats will be able to shut down Curtis Martin as they have in the past and take the game from the Jets. It will be a close one but I am pulling for them. Maybe Sean will join me this week? Nahhhh. The real test of the season will be the Steelers. We have ALWAYS had their number, but they look REALLY good this year. They do have one loss to the only really good team they have played but watch out.


Blogger BadBlood said...

No question the Sox win game 6, just so they can lose game 7. It's written in stone.

10:07 AM

Blogger Blu said...

Ouch BB, that's just not right! lol

11:52 AM

Blogger skitch said...

Mwahah the 'Hawks have Jerry Rice now. Someone who will actually be able to catch some of Hasselbeck's bullets! Superbowl, here we come!!!

9:18 PM

Blogger Sean said...

My argument just isn't "they haven't lost yet" but rather they haven't been particularly impressive in this "streak". A lot of their wins have been due to blind luck and very close games. Eventually, the variance will catch up with the Pats, and they'll return to the 10-6 team that they really are.

Seriously, enjoy it while you can, because eventually (very very soon) it will all crash down. They're not as good as advertised.

6:10 AM


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