Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Poker Stars

I am official a Poker Stars guy. Make sure you get credit for SirFWALGMan Iggy! I wish Poker Stars gave me a signup bonus! Bastards! I have to say after playing Empire for so long I do not like the Interface of Poker Stars. It seems washed out. It confuses me somehow. Lucky I only have 25 bucks in my account to play ½ with. The minimum deposit was $50. I know I am throwing money away by playing under Bankrolled but I am just trying out the interface. I lost my first hand if that means anything. It sums up my playing style. I had the winning hand with a pair of tens. I checked to the river and lost to trips. Can you say PAAAAASSSSIIIIVVVEEEE. Play the freaking players moron!

I registered for the Tourney. Nice Pot. I hope more people signup before tomorrow night.
I also had a nice night at 2/4. Up over $100. Not bad. Playing two tables. Just shy of 1500 now. I won my first hand at Poker Stars! 10-10. I raised and wtf! Everyone folds! Not a very Empire like site! People actually only call raised with good stuff? Damn! Ok, so they call to the river when they have 2nd best hand but so what. I actually can win some hands without playing. I showed. I wanted people to know I raise hands they would consider marginal.

I need a Poker tutor to point out where I suck. I know I suck. I just need to figure out where. Ok. So I am being lazy. Here is what I am planning though. I am going to write an Access report off Poker Tracker. It will compute the odds/pot odds and tell me if I played the hand correctly from a purely mathematical standpoint. Maybe even tell me at what street I started playing against the pot odds. I can then review the bad hands and figure out where I need to fold more, and where I need to ram-and-jam more.

I think I LOVE Poker stars. Playing against good players means people fold to pre-flop raises. People fold on the river with a huge pot even if you have nada. I mean it rocks! Only one day but I doubled my buy-in easily. The people seem friendlier. One complaint: Why did I not get Whore money when I signed up to Poker Stars? WTF! I want WHORE BONUS DOLLARS!


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