Sunday, October 17, 2004

Up and Down all Around

The hand of the night was excellent. I finally started doing what your supposed to do aggression wise. I am dealt a A2c. Nice. I limp in. It is raised after me. Several people in so I call. The flop is a very pretty x49c. I am now four to my flush. Nice! Two guys before me to act. The first guy bets, I raise, he raises me again which scares everyone else out. I call. The turn is a K of clubs! Zang! I have the nuts baby! I bet, he raises, we end up capping it. How sweet it is!

The Red Sox looked so promising this year. I was really excited about them. I thought they would do well in the playoffs especially how they readily handled the Angels. Alas it was not to be. Once again the home team breaks my heart. I will not even watch the final game. I do not care if they win the next three. I am out. I am dejected. Depressed. Angry. I will hate the Red Sox.. at least until next year.

The river is a K of diamonds. The lead bets. I raise. He raises me. He has to see the flush? Right? He did not just make a boat did he? Pocket 4’s. Runner-Runner Kings to beat the nut flush. What a maroon. I am dejected. A really nice 60-dollar pot slides over his way. I am Angry. I am pissed. What is the point of aggression? I will never play a hand hard again.. at least until the next session.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

I read this somewhere: "If you don't lose a lot of money with a set, you're playing them wrong."

Now, whether or not he saw the flush on the board, it was probably a good idea to 3-bet to test whether or not you had it. When you capped it, there was probably 12BB in the pot, so he might have decided to just pay 2 more BB (calls on the turn and river) with his strong hand. Unless he had some idea that you were a good player, it wasn't a terrible idea. Plus he had 10 outs to get a boat or quads, and that is definitely worth at least 1BB to see the river when the pot's paying 10:1.

That's the maddening thing about playing limit at fishy tables. When seeing a flop 5-handed after a pre-flop raise, most draws have the appropriate pot odds to go to the river. In NL, he could have destroyed yours odds (or if he made a mistake in slowplaying, you could have made it very painful for him to call).

You could try earning the respect of the table by playing super-tight-aggressive and showing the nuts a couple times. Then loosen up and start taking shots at pots where you sense weakness. Revert to super-tight-aggressive as needed.

Of course, what do I know? I certainly don't do any of this stuff, and you have many times my bankroll. ;)

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