Thursday, October 14, 2004

I knew I would like it..

I knew I was going to like 2/4. I had a fun night. I was chatting with Crocodile and Wired Aces tonight. Crocodile started a new Blog. Give him a look. He is a security expert by day and good player by night. PokerHack is the link on the side for his site. He has done the ellusive thing that I never can: Cracked the last A in the ellusive TAA! Bastard! I really think that at 2/4 you need to be sLAA to make money. I am still wimping out at sLAP. Oh well.

Wired Aces has a great blog I am sure some of you have read. It is Wired Aces on the side there. We were discussing PT and what the stats mean. I ended up ten bucks while these excellent players were there.

The second they left I went on a mad run and ended up 85 bucks. I was up 100 for a while! I was waiting for 3 hours to get the cards to go on a run like that! Why do they never come early? I also placed numero uno in a 20/2 limit. My ROI on 20/2 so far is 218%! Not sure if PT is getting the tourney info from my drive or not.. hmm. All my ROI's in Tourneys are 200% actually. I guess I am a decent tourney player. It is only through 15 tourneys but that is not a bad start. Apparently not so those number are probably skewed.

I have a question for tourney players, especially ring. How are the 30/3 and 50/5 games? I seem to crush the 20/2 games. I do get out on the button, but for the most part I am top 4 always with a BUNCH of first place finishes. Since I am playing 2/4 and my bankroll is going up extremely fast, I wonder if I should try more of these tourneys? I am going to try to play a 20/2 every session now. I think they are worth playing. I want to try the higher ones at certain bankroll key points like 1600 for a 30/3 maybe. Any advice would be great.


Blogger TheCrocodile said...

Thanks for the props :)

6:11 AM

Blogger Predator314 said...

Thanks for the plug. I really enjoyed the game last night even though it was -EV for me :) Adding your link to my site in just a few minutes.

I did get inspired to learn a bit more about Poker Tracker, so I found Bison's rules online and let it auto-rate the players. With right around 10,000 hands, I'm rated a TA-A. Guess you caught me on a passive night, heh.

6:54 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I am glad you were able to obtain the illusive TAA rating. lol. I have yet to crack that nut. I still think anything up to 2/4 you really want to play sLAA. Too many people coming in with A2-A3 for you not to. No comment on the higher levels as I have yet to see them.

7:35 AM

Blogger ToddCommish said...

Sorry I didn't respond much last night. I usually don't even look in the chat bar unless I inflict a really horrible beat to someone. However, right after losing that SnG, I went straight to another one and won that one by basically steamrolling the table. I tried inviting you, but I think the invite had the wrong table number.

8:40 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Hey! DO not sell yourself short. Second place is not losing, and I thought the guy you lost to was pretty good at NL at least for the level.

You missed me because I needed to go to sleep. I was watching your game to get my fix until bedtime without risking any money! It was fun to be a railbird!

10:31 AM


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