Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Two.. Four.. Six.. Eight..

Played some 2/4 again. Held my own for a few hours while watching the Sox get beat. It was a decent game though. I ended up thirty bucks on the 2/4 table. Nice confidence building win. The table was less aggresive tonight and I was able to play and feel like I belonged. I also doubled up on my 1/2 table which was nice. I entered a 1/2 tourney. I was the chip leader for a while. It got down to four. I was the second small blind. Took some pokes at the pot and lost a little. Decided to go all in on an A-9. I got called by the Big Stack. The flop was Axx. The Big Stack is showing A-3. I am dominating him and have won my way into the money! The turn was a 3. #*#&*#*((#! I bubble out of yet another 2/4 tourney. I think I played well and caught good cards. The problem with these tourneys is it becomes 200/400 really early, and 2K is not enough to play even one hand. So I ended up a tad under 1200. Not bad. Feeling good about my play.


Blogger TheCrocodile said...

Hey man. Welcome to 2/4 :) AIM me sometime and we can chat more about stats. Maybe even trade bad beat stories :) My blog is and I just started it. Once I get my links up I will link through to yours as well. Link to me if you can.

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