Sunday, September 26, 2004


Decent night so far. Got some cards and I am up 25BB on one table, break even on the other. I won Dr. Pauly’s contest but I think I am a few days late. I cracked AA with Hiltons on the river. The AA was just calling me to the river! Wow! Perhaps Dr. Pauly will send me a picture of a painting.. lol.

I have been thinking about my game a lot the last few days. I believe this is the only good thing about a dry spell. It makes you either scream at luck, or take a look at your game, or both. I think it has improved a lot but post-flop play still needs a lot of work. I have really been trying to think about my plays in context with the board and the next steps. I.E. Does my 55 make a flush for someone if I hit it on the turn? How many people are likely to see the next card? How much is in the pot? I have a disease in my game I will call “Righteous Indignity Syndrome!” I cannot stand to be bluffed. 22A on the board. Show me your two, because I will pay you off if I have the A! Just because I hate evil bluffers! I exaggerate a little here, but you get the idea. Probably why I suck in NL cash games! So I have been changing that a little, and trying to know when I am beat or will likely is beat even if I get what I want. So what if I make the three of a kind and nobody has the flush. The times they do will cost me more than the ones where they do not. I am not advocating always folding but pick your battles. I think I need tweaks in my game because my usual session holds wide swings, and it just depends if I am on the up or down as to if I win. I think I can limit this a bit.

Man are the Hilton Sisters putting out tonight! I mean like pull out the video camera and spank my behind time. Won a nice pre-flop capped pot with them called to the river by two guys as well as cracking the Aces. Way to go ladies!


Blogger Heafy said...

Ah yes, we all hate gettign bluffed because it feels like they fooled us, made us look stupid. My view to this has been adopting a casino point of view: I saw this show on Discovery channel about casino cheats, and the head of security at some casino said "They may fool us once, twice or even a hundred times in a row- but if we catch them just once, then we win.". I don't mind being bluffed out of a $2 pot 10 times, because when I do call the bluff I will win $50 (just throwing in numbers here of course). Which is really just like you said, pick your battles.

10:20 PM

Blogger Chris Halverson said...

No offense, but you're not in a dry spell. Up 25BB is most definitely up. Breaking even is still OK. Wait until you go on a 2 week -150BB run. That is a dry spell and it will happen at some point. That's when you'll be tested.

I'm not trying to discount anything, but I'm saying that long (as in weeks, or at least a couple of thousand of hands) downswings can and will happen. How you handle this will determine how you succeed as a poker player. That's why the 300BB recommendation is there. You can play perfect and still get sucked out on for a long, long time. The 300BB gives you some cushion.

4:59 AM


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