Tuesday, November 23, 2004

5/10 Working it Again

Not much content in this post. I think I burned out with the life story. heh. It was good. I posted it for myself more than anything. It's good to get the junk out every once in a while, and it was mildly Poker related. Thanks for all the nice comments! Maybe I should take up writing again.. hmm. I think I would describe my style as blunt and readable.

I beat the tables tonight for the amount I want to. I have a goal of making 1 buyin a night. I just barely cleared it tonight. I would like to see more like 40BB a night, but we will see. Up 25BB and feeling good about 5/10. Staying away from the short tables. Having fun. The one hand that won me the most tonight was 73o. Flopped a gutshot, got a free card, hit my straight, slowplayed, KQ connected and 4-BET the river for a nice 130+ hand. I beat his butt with two pair the hand before too. He should stay away from me. heh. I called things down alot less. Always something I need to fight against. Glad to be out of my slump and hope to make some money for the end of November. I am going to start taking cash out. I figure I will take something out at the end of each month. I still want the bankroll to grow at a steady pace so I can play 10/20 and 15/30, but I think seeing some of my winnings in my savings account is worthwhile.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Predator from Poker Quest keeps hitting those Bad Beat Jackpots! Man I hate him. heh. Just kidding. He is aewsome! We have a friendly rivalry going on and follow each other nightly. I really enjoy having some peers at 5/10. Seeing how they are growing, etc.. Go Read Riding the F-Train (link on right), he has some great tips on Low-Limits (6/12 and below I assume). He really sums up some of the things I have been seeing at the 5/10 tables, and alot of the things I need to fight against nightly. Worth reading for anyone!


Blogger F-Train said...

Hey man, thanks for the plug! Good to see you progressing. I'd be progressing, too, but for the fact that I had to take $4k out of my bankroll the last four months to pay my rent. =D Now that I have a job, we'll see how much I grow my roll. It's always so tempting to take some down, isn't it?

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