Thursday, November 18, 2004


Wow what an UBER post filled with emotional toil, victory, defeat, and all kinds of weird stuff. Iggy would be proud at the length alone! Crazy night! I think part of my trouble lately is the amount of money we are dealing with at 5/10. I am having trouble adjusting. If I see I am down $250, that means much more than when at the 2/4 level I was down $50. It is actually a decent amount of money. However in 5/10 it is one rack! People would snear at me if they knew I was getting upset about a single rack. Go ahead and snear. You know you want to. I also am making less in comparison at the 5/10 level than 3/6. Here are the BB/100 figures:

3/6 level 3.52!
2/4 level 4.89!
1/2 level (Short) 4.39!
1/2 level 2.22
.50/1 level 1.42

All the levels before 5/10 I seem to be crushing. Now I get to 5/10 and over a
smallish sample size I am 1BB/100. Much smaller margin. Not crushing the game.
I hope to adjust to 5/10 soon. I really feel like the turmoil is causing me to evaluate my game alot more and try to make some deep changes. It is also tough to take some nights.

On to the good part of last night. Now here is something really positive that makes me want to be more aggressive. My stat's for the table I trippled up on:

Aggression Factor: 1.93! I owned this table. It showed. I won many hands because of it.

The table I was winning at was really fun. Not just because I was winning, but some tool came on and started talking about how she was going to destroy one of the other players, and how everyone was playing so badly, and they were all going to lose to her. I spanked her ass while taunting her. I know.. I know.. bad move. She really was annoying and teasing her was fun. I lost one hand all night against her, excluding blind folds, I think.

Right after that she goes "See, bad players like you are going to lose"
"Yeah right, I am $608 bad"
"You are going to dribble it back to me!"

So every big hand I won after that I typed in chat:

"dribble.. dribble.. cmon.. say it with me C4.. dribble dribble". heh.

I also got influenced by Snoop Dog on Howard Stern and asked if she wanted to be my Hoe, she would make more money than she is being my Bitch! Ha! She loved that one!

Ok.. So I have to work on the whole make people want to stay at your table aspect of the game. I got time. At least I was having some fun!


Blogger Blu said...

Nice Howard Stern tie-in. I liked the episode before Snoop better though with Sandy Taylor (I think that was the chick's name) - She was smokin

8:05 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

It is hard to top a Wet T-Shirt! That episode was exxxxceeeeelent!

8:43 AM

Blogger Predator314 said...

7.44 BB/100 on 5/10 for me :)

just had to brag a bit

4:42 PM

Blogger Heafy said...

Just remember, get their money FIRST, tease and taunt SECOND. She tried it the other way, it looks bad.

4:58 PM

Blogger BSN said...

"asked if she wanted to be my Hoe, she would make more money than she is being my Bitch"

Man, that's priceless! I'm gonna remember that one - and steal it!


12:46 PM


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