Wednesday, November 17, 2004

What a Day!

I should have known it was probably not a good night to play Poker. Especially after the day I had at work. I work in an IT department for a medical company. The job is pretty simple. It is a nice contract deal that has lasted for the past year. It is up for renewal this December. So what do I do before renewal? Well.. we were SUPPOSED to make some DNS changes to make our website rebranding go public. Instead there was alot of miscommunication and we sent the DNS changes to the wrong IP! Ouch! So the site was down for most of yesterday, and finally was fixed early this morning. I am sure we are going to have a great meeting today! Yikes!

I then decide it is a good idea to hit the tables. However -40BB later it does not seem so good. heh. I am having a REAL bad run of cards over the past few days. One example. I am dealt 88, and play it against a few people. The flop is and 829 rainbow! SWEET! The turn is a nice 9 to make my BOAT! Toot! Toot! The river is a lousy 10. Now you might ask why this is lousy? I will tell you, because it made someone's nine over tens boat to beat my eights! Doh! Flushes trumped by larger flushes. Lion's sleeping with lamb's! You get the idea. I do not think 40BB is a particularly HUGE number to lose. It does have me a little bummed though. I also stayed up pretty late playing, hoping to get some of it back. Not a good idea. I do not think I played poorly. I rarely got any cards and when I did they ended up dominated. I did have a few HUGE pot's which was encouraging, but they were few and far between. One nice one was with 10 people in pre-flop. Everyone capped the betting. So we start with $100 in the pot. I had Q-10 clubs and only played it because I was getting GREAT pot odds! The flop was three clubs. So I am made! People dropped out on various streets and finally at the river the A of clubs guy called me, having missed the 4th club. The pot ended up being $242! Still I lost 40BB that night! Wow!

I basically can afford to do one more night of 5/10. I will single table, and if I fall below $2500 I need to go back to 3/6. I am going to try and focus on my one table again and hope this bad streak ends. On a good note the cold cards I have been getting really brought my VP$IP down and now I am a TAP again. Not sure what that buys me, but it should help. Especially since the 5/10 tables I have been on seem really weak. A3 to the river, that kind of stuff. We will see how it goes!


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Read your first posts from back in June and your initial online experience is very similiar to my own, which I posted about myself just recently... anyway, like checking out your blog and added ya to my list at

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