Friday, November 19, 2004

Day 1 without Poker

It is only the afternoon and I am already having Poker withdrawals! I think my wife might have a point. All I can do is read other people’s Blog’s and different forums. It is like going to the cute blonde’s house and sniffing her panties after she had sex with your roommate. Not that I have ever done this, but it is just not the same.

I have to say for all the times we flame 2+2’ers, they can sometimes be really helpful and extremely nice. I have asked a few questions about the feel of the game at 5/10 and got interesting, well thought out, and informative answers. A lot of people have told me that they did not adjust well to the 5/10 game and went back to 3/6. I think I am too stubborn to do this unless the bankroll dictates it. Other comments were to the effect of variation is the norm at 5/10 and you should not be too worried. It was nice to bounce things off of people playing my level.

I have to smoke Poker Quest! It seems every time someone posts a “Ha! I am at 7BB/100! I am doing so well!” it backfires on them! Well.. WiredAces .. it serves you right for taunting me! Heh. Go see his Blog if you do not know what I am talking about. All kidding aside I really am enjoying reading his Blog. I admit to some jealousy that the game was treating him so well while I am slow to get out of the gate. It is so great to have someone else playing the same limits as me and sharing his experiences, which seem to be a lot like mine (minus the 15K bad beat jackpot!). Keep up the good work.

While I am talking about Poker Blogs.. I should apologize to the Commish for becoming a rabid Bush hater! It is one thing to make valid points and dislike everything the guy has done to this country. However using any excuse to say something bad about him is a little too far.. man he puts me on tilt! Funny side story: I was watching the Clinton Library inauguration and saw Bush standing beside all the women with umbrella’s.. What was up with him pushing his wife's umbrella up? What a doof! Anyway I could not help but to wish someone would poke him in the eye with their umbrella! I am turning into a rabid Democrat! Damn!

I have no desire to play in a VIP NL WSOP entry tourney. However I might be willing to give up my 2000 VIP points and let someone else play for me. I am not sure how it would work out. I probably would not be comfortable letting someone login to my account, so we would have to work via the phone or something. If we won the entry I would let you play in it. I would be your backer and we could work out a percentage split before hand in writing. So if you’re an NL guru and want a free shot at this let me know.

I played a guy from Iggys home town last night. He was the kind of player I want to be. His aggression levels were through the roof. He just took over our table. He was NOT a maniac. When he had a hand that should be raised he was there. If he had a great draw he was pounding the pot until it bled. He would also bet the same way if he had made hands. He knew when to fold even if he put twenty bucks into the pot pre-flop. I really respected this player. I have not checked PT yet but I am sure it has him down as TA-A! After he beat me in one good hand I asked him “Are you related to Iggy!”, he wanted to know what an Iggy was.. I’m not sure either..


Blogger J.A.R said...

I'd be more than willing to play the VIP NL on Empire for ya! I do play a lot of NLHE multi-touraments and I've been fairly sucessful over the past couple years online & I've played in 2 WPT events (Aruba Ultimate Classic in 03 & 04).

Checkout my blog if you want more details...


2:57 PM

Blogger BadBlood said...

I might be up for it too...

I don't have an Empire account, but I have the software installed. I should be able to watch you play and you can IM me what your hand is.

Up to you.

It does depend on the date, though. I'd be happy to help if my availability allows.

7:36 PM

Blogger Predator314 said...

The 7BB/100 comment was after my losing night. To let you know I had another losing night last night (-25BB), however, I'm up over $600 today. I don't have enough hands to have a stable number, but right now PokerTracker shows me at 9.46 BB/100 :)

The 6 max tables rule. Helps to have a good buddy list too.

9:18 AM


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