Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Slump Continues.. Sort of..

Well, been playing again tonight and followed the same pattern. Dropped 1 buy-in, and then won it back and some more. I ended up about 6BB. It is better than being down, but I would still like to have that monster night I am waiting for. If you lose a buyin and then win one and some more what does that say about your game? Does it mean you are average and do well on some tables? Variance at 5/10 is a bitch? Bad Luck? Bad Choices? Hard to say. Ideas?

I will have to wait for a while. I have agreed with the wife to cut down on the Poker a little. She is getting a little pissed. *sigh*. I am going to play Mon-Thu and leave the weekends for her and the kids only. We will see if I can show restraint from the game I love. heh.

One other note for those of you who are married: Do not let your spouse know anything about your Poker Bankroll. I was letting the wife know how I was doing, but she really doesn’t understand variance. Hell, I have a lot of problems with it! Hearing I lost $400 of my Bankroll seems crazy to her. She assumes the worst. So keep it all a secret, and just surprise the wife when you make withdrawals or something.

That is all for now. I might not Blog until Monday. If I do then it will probably be something profound at least to me. Good luck to you all!


Blogger Blu said...

I didn't think I had to do this but...

*Bitch Slap*

Never tell the wife about the poker bankroll. Ever...

On your statement about dropping a buy-in and getting it back. It sounds like you might want to take more time choosing a table before you start playing. It's harder at 5/10 because there are alot less tables to choose from, but it might cut down on the variance.



10:01 AM

Blogger Sean said...

Take it from someone who knows better: Hiding the poker bankroll from the wife is just inviting more disaster. Talk with her and show her what you have won, and that losing is part of the game, but overall, you will win more than you've lost.

My wife doesn't understand poker, and we had serious problems when I began getting serious about playing. Trust me, honesty and full disclosure are better than the alternatives.

10:23 AM

Blogger J.A.R said...

I never tell my wife about losses... only wins. You disclose losses, it just gives them an excuse to go out and spend. It's like.. she buys that $200 outfit.. you can't really complain if she knows you just lost $400 playing poker.

2:51 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

I told my wife about taking 2nd in the Grublog tourney last night, but didn't tell her about the Showgirls DVD set coming my way :D

10:58 AM


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