Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A night in the Life of Sir

I never really have shared a full night in my Poker life with you guys. I whine about loses, and brag about the wins, but I do not tell you how I play. So I decided to record the major moves. I am not doing it as hand histories, because that really bores me when I read them on other Blogs. No wonder I cannot figure out this game!
Please feel free to give any riddicule, advice, scorn, or whatever else you might want to send my way.

So here it is:

Was reading stuff and discussing hands at Less “high” level guys than 2+2, but at least they speak English and seem to make sense. The Forum owner is paying people for posts so go on by, and you Bonus whores can get a whole lot of deals from every known site to man. He said this to me when I was telling him about being a calling station one night, and having aggression problems:

“If it's not worth raising it's not worth calling.”

He said for the most part this is true. I agree. If I am too scared to raise I should just fold
the hand and wait for the next one. What do I lose? Sometimes I will get played by someone with a monster hand. However, when I win hands they will be larger.

Rhino raise pre-flop every time! With A6o! LAAAAAGGG! Do not need
PT to tell me that! This could be a nice night.

Called KJ on Pre-Flop Raise after I was in, and stayed in when a K hit.
and I was raised. ($50) vs KK. Bad all around.

Had two pair. Played it aggressive. The other guy got Q3, and made a boat by the river.
Not sure I played this badly, but when the second Q came I should have folded
instead of calling one more bet. 2-Pair sucks when a pair comes on the board. I also
could have raised post-flop, not sure Q3 would have folded though.

Bet out QJ with AQx on the flop and a bet before me. Probably should have
folded since my Kicker was weak. The opponent was not showing strength, but
had KQ, which was enough to beat me. Also my straight draw was a weak thing to pin
my hopes on. Fishy play.

KJ diamonds. Forgot to raise pre-flop. Got beat by 10-2. Lol! looser!

Bet 9-10s too early, yes it was raised, and no I did not improve. The mistake
was calling the raise. I checked the rest and maybe should have bet when
an Ace flopped. Not sure. I probably could have taken the pot. Other hands
were J9 and QJ.

A-10, Flop has K. Bet. Enemies folded. +10
K-J Did same thing with 1 caller. A on flop. +10.

QQ pre-flop raise. K on Flop. Bet. Raised. I folded here and lost 40. QQ is killing me tonight so far.

AQ. All small cards. Raised Pre-Flop. Call First Bet. One on One.
I raise against 2nd Bet. Made nothing. He had nothing either (KQ). He Folded
on the River.

AA- Raise pre-flop capped. Raise Again post-flop. I re-raise because of
flush draw. 3rd card of flush comes. I have the 4th Heart Ace, so I raise the
turn even though someone *could* have a flush. I am called to the river and
I win with AA.

AA- Capped Pre-Flop. I am vs QQ. QQ gets a Q on the flop. I do not respect it
and he is ahead until I river a flush Ace High! I bet and raised every card and
$214 pot. Should I have slowed down? He bet into me, but never 3BET it to tell
me he had trips. My Bad or his? Should he 3-Bet me when I am making money for him?

AJ s000ted. Pre-Flop raise. Flop has a K. I bet. Everyone folds. +40.

Folded 10's on the flop, would have made trips and there was trip 9's! Good fold though.

KK. Ace on flop. Bet it out twice, and folded it because A on flop. Beat by A9! Lol!
I love that guy! I think Pot was worth betting flop and turn for the steal, but not
calling the raise on the turn. A9 was smoking crack. I think this was played well.

K5s - Bet it with a straight draw, AQ10. Then a K came, and I bet again and took
the pot. Woulda probably folded if I saw any resistance. Aggression helped this time.

AQs against the LAG. I raise. Flop I Hit the Q, he hits Q10. I bet, he raises.
I check the turn, he does also. Ace on the river, I bet he raises, I win. Not sure If I
played this right or not. +50.

9-10, Flopped open ended straight draw with like 8 people in. I also had a runner-runner flush
possability. I get a 10 on the turn, and a K on the river to make the bottom end
of the straight. 1 Bet in a 100 dollar pot to go. I decide to call even though I think
there is a higher straight out there. It turns out I was wrong and I split with
the LAG. +60.

Hit bet with Q9h on a raise by accident. Oopsie. I compounded the problem by calling a raise after that, and when the flop gives me a gutshot I even call the turn. Lol! Twenty bucks lost for nothing. I screwed up by hitting the wrong button, but then I compounded it by calling ten bucks more. STUPID!

QQ pre flop. Raised again by AK, hits his K on the flop, I raise him pre-flop. He thinks about it and then calls. I think up to this point I played well. I then called him to the river even though I was pretty sure he had AK or better. Bad! Down $50 on that move! Stupid!

AA next hand. Nobody bites on my raise. Damn! I hate that. I made like $17.

I am down to $340 now from $400+. Still up almost a hundred for the night so far. Not too bad. I think this is probably normal variance because of two bad plays, which I need to remove, and playing more aggressively. Poker tracker says I am being more aggressive than I normally would be at 1.03. I usually hover between .80-.90. Ouch! The LAG has left the table. This is a shame.

Tried to get aggressive with two overcards. The guy made a straight. He was the BB so I cannot blame him. I gave up 40 on that move. Probably should have folded the river or the turn raise. This was a stupid move. KQ high sucks! Lol. Needed to raise this pre-flop. BIG mistake!

Time to buckle down and only play the good stuff!

AQ and 99 back to back folded pre-flop by everyone against my raises. I will take it. I need the $14! Lol.

QJ. 882 flop. I bet it on the flop since I have two over cards and take the $20 pot.

AK. Pre-Flop Raise. 994 is the flop, 3 on the turn, I bet both and the other guy folds. +40.

Folding a lot. Blinded down to $295. No fun. Bah! Waiting for something to play or something good enough that a fake could take a blind. Patience.

Blind steal with K9. Man I have a tight persona.

Straight on the board. Guy has a gutshot straight draw. I 3Bet the flop before he hits his card on the turn with J4. Asshole makes it. I paid him off to the river. Not good. Pissed me off big time. I am now back to $250, the buyin. Great. Two hours of play for nothing. Actually down about $22 from playing a tourney. I think I played the flop alright with TP. Not positive. The calling to the river for an additional $20 was wrong though. Looks like I am going back to 3/6. *sigh*.

Called Q9 and made 4 to a straight and flush by the turn, but never made anything. Lost a few bucks and folded on the river. Do not think I played this bad by betting the turn and trying to get it. A possible boat was on the board and it might have been better to get away from this pre-flop. Things keep getting worse. Down $30 now.

Ok. I think I am going south fast. Called a capped pre-flop with Q9! What the heck was I thinking. Only 4 guys in the pot. I folded it on the flop instead of going for my runner-runner straight draw. Lol. I am going to calm down now and win some pots.

Q-10 pre-flop. Hit a Q on the turn. Bet it. Beaten by QJ. Sucks! Not sure I played it wrong. Had a flush draw to a 10, one guy, and the TP bad kicker. *sigh*. $144. I think I am pushing too much maybe. 3/6 here I come!

Q High flush beaten by K high. Only one guy in. Bad bet? Great. Down to $74. Nice. I quit. Fucking hate poker now! Folded J2s and flopped a flush. My Night is going to hell really fast.

Well last hand went out pre-flop raise KJ s00ted, made jacks, and 7-5 breaks me with 755 as the flop, turn, and river. Great! Gonna blow some more cash down to 2500 and then lick my wounds and go back to 3/6 unless I make a killing! Heh. I should just play every hand and call everything to the river, I will make more money that way.

** UPDATE: Ok. Made over 400 bucks playing 6 handed. I do not understand the Poker Gods! One minute they hand me my ass with good play, and a few dumb moves, and the next they get my bankroll back over 3K to 3042!! I was playing with a LAG, a sLAA, and a Calling Station! Damn that is a good table!


Blogger Diboss said...

Glad to see you recovered from your tilt-inducing session.

7:28 AM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

"Ok. I think I am going south fast. Called a capped pre-flop with Q9! What the heck was I thinking. Only 4 guys in the pot. I folded it on the flop instead of going for my runner-runner straight draw. Lol. I am going to calm down now and win some pots."

What was the flop? There were at least 16SB in that pot. Was there a lot of action on the flop, too?

7:03 PM


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