Thursday, November 25, 2004

Bad Habits Rear

Damn! I thought I was over this. heh. Well I had a REALLY bad night. The first hour of play I was dealt AA,KK,AKs,AQ,AA,QQ,JJ, etc.. and all of them were cracked by things like 84o! I think this set me off. Then I went and played a little 10/20. Bad idea! heh. I did win. I do not understand these people. In the 10/20 level everyone plays every two cards the same way. I mean A3 is calling to the river if he makes the 3! Bad Play abounds. I am surprised all I could make was $300. The trick is
you never know if they are bluffing or not! They do it so much! Crazy. I think that play becomes worse as you rise in the levels so stay at .50/1!!!!

I played a little NL with the Bloggers. Only good point of the night. I ended up quadrupleing my buyin. At least my 25/NL stats are a little less horrible. Pauly, Maudie, and Studio were great!

So I really need to watch myself with the level jump. That sucked. I am getting really fed up with 5/10. I am not sure if it is my play or what. The people playing these tables suck! I mean any two cards! Here is the deal though. I am not so sure any two cards is a bad thing anymore. I am not of that school, but I can see how it might work if you are good at post flop play. Being able to lay down. Knowing when your beat, pumping the pots your ahead on. I think my post flop play leaves alot to be desired and probably contributes to me not smoking the 5/10 level. Not sure.

What am I going to do? I am going to give 5/10 one last chance to be nice to me! It better get on it's knees, because my ass is getting a little sore. If I can do well tonight I will keep at it, if not I am going to go back to 3/6 for a while and see if I can beat that anymore. Again, I am not sure if it is a slump that corresponds to my move up or if the game is that much harder at 5/10. I am going to play my usual tight game, and make sure I never chase anything unless I am getting some AEWSOME odds to do so. We will see how it works. Until tomorrow. Enjoy your Turkeys!


Blogger Diboss said...

Guess the play doesn't really change as you move up. People will still play anything. Don't try the play any two cards thing, just think how easy it is to get tied to a pot when you hit second pair, or when you get your K when you have K5. Playing any two cards tend to lead to more marginal decisions and more mistakes. Just my 2 cents. Good luck though, you've been climbing so fast that we wouldn't want to see you have to take a step back.

1:46 PM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

5/10 to SirF:

"I'm sorry, baby. You know I love you. I only take your money because I love you so much. Please, baby, don't feel bad."

11:23 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Hit a guy when he is down why don't you.. bitch.. heh.

11:41 AM


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