Sunday, November 28, 2004

Building Back Up

The Bankroll is back in building mode. The 3/6 game is weak. I like it. I feel safe and snuggly. I almost trippled up on one table, busted out playing too aggressive on another, and made a few bucks on a third. Two tabling. Having fun winning again. I have no idea why I suck at 5/10 but I am almost positive it is something in my game. Iggs might know, he has played with me a bunch of times. So slowly I crawl back up the ladder. Thanks to Asphyx from F-Train for the good advice. I think I need to get back on the horse though. I really need to work on not going nuts with variance. I always want to play until I am even or up a little. Not good.

I am dissapointed by my first try at the "real" money levels. I am not happy with what I let it do to me. I think my bankroll was not ready, and it opened up alot of old bad habits. I have really been on a slight tilt ever since I went up. I was playing solid, tight, Poker. However I was losing and it was driving me crazy. Now that I am back to the kiddie pool things should get better.

I still maintain that the 5/10 players are REALLY loose pre-flop. However I am willing to concede that they are good at knowing when to fold. At least most of them. Perhaps this is what I need to fix in my game in order to win at those levels. We will see. I am going to stick to my guns and wait until 4K or so until I try again. 2K left to go. Going to try and just have fun again. Its been a long couple of weeks..


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